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  1. Raises of that size tend to scream TT-QQ to me.I ain't folding, but I think shoving pf, your only raising option, IMO, is unwise....I'm not sure a squeeze works here.Are their stack sizes, especially the first raiser, bigger or smaller than yours? Is this guy good enough to fold TT/JJ?
  2. I tend to hate the pf call too - I'm torn between a raise to 250ish, or shoving....can you fold if he comes back over the top of your raise anyway?I've been called by KQ/KJ/QJ here so often in my tourneys that I think shoving pf is fine, and much better than calling.
  3. I'm going to put UTG on this range...Any ace, any two broadway, any pair.Insta-call.
  4. That's where I'm trying to find my balance. I tend to assume the worst (or best) in these situations and have a hard time concluding that at least one of the players doesn't have me beat. Especially when the BB 3-bets against 2 players, one being a check/raiser.Yeah, it's read dependent, and I'm more comfortable getting such a read in a live game than an Internet game.In the end, I looked for a lot of reasons to continue after the all-in, and couldn't justify it. Basically, I concluded that the number of times I'm ahead vs the number of times I'm behind, combined with the number of outs,
  5. Once again, these guys are calling with Asx/Ksx, maybe even Qsx whether I push the flop or the turn. Regardless of what lone spade they have, if they have decided that they're going to chase, they're going to call off their chips on either street.Why not make sure the turn's not a spade before pushing? Isn't it a bigger mistake for them to call the turn instead of the flop? Why dodge two cards if you only have to dodge one?Or are you calling their all-ins after the turn if the fourth spade hits anyway?OK, maybe I'm letting a naked 6 of spades get there for free...or a gutshot. btw - If
  6. $60 live tournament.Start with 4000 chips.Blinds are 50/100.I have about 3500 at this point, below average, but still relatively early on.Three people limp, I call with 33 from the button, blinds complete/check. 600 in the pot.Flop is 3s 7s JsSB checks, BB bets 500 (has about 1300 behind) , three folds, I call (3000 behind), SB raises to 1000 (2000 behind) , BB goes all-in, I fold...I'm calling the first bet on the flop, instead of raising, because if either player has a single spade, they're calling my raise on either the flop or the turn...I may as well fade one card rather than two.
  7. Very true...hands like 99 stick out for me in plays like this.Also, AK - I see AK play like this a ton of the time in these types of tourneys.
  8. I likely raise pf (whether or not that's appropriate is another matter).I think I play the rest the same.wtf is SB doing on the river? Does he have KQ43 and hopes someone else will bet? If I have KQ, even without the low, I'm leading the river again and hoping the other two get into a raising war for the low.
  9. Yeah, probably fold.Even if you're certain the other two overcall on the flop, I think a fold is still correct.There are only three cards that give you any real chance at a scoop...and none of them guarantee even taking half the pot. Two of them give you the third low.The four or five of diamonds give you the nut flush, and a really ugly low....probably the two worst cards to see because they have the most potential of giving you second best on both halves of the pot.You have three outs....sometimes...to scoop....otherwise, you're looking at runner runner from four diamonds and four ducks.Yo
  10. That's where it gets fun.If you know he "only" has to fold 1 in 16 times, you are gonna bluff more.If he knows that you only have to bluff 15% of the time for his call to be correct, and if he knows the more outs you have the lower that numbers go, the more likely he is to call.I am an undeniable calling station at showdown for these reasons.If hero and villain are two people who read this thread, villain doesn't fold 6.5% of the time, making the turn bet -ev.But hero would know that, so he wouldn't bet.So, when he bets, he has a strong hand.And villain knows that, so he will fold more than 6.
  11. AA/KK most certainly goes all-in here.He raised from early position and you reraised him.He has every reason to believe you have a strong hand.And no one else is left in the pot.And he's out of position.I'm pushing here and hoping you have AK/KK/QQ...hands you should have if you're reraising a tight player's early position raise.
  12. As far as I can see, what Bear has said (and he is correct) is that "EVEN IF" we are drawing dead, we only need villain to fold every 7 hands, or twice every 13 hands, for us to break even....so, if you come up with a number higher than 15% you must know you are wrong.15% is the answer if we have 0 outs....as our number of outs goes up, this percentage drops.If you came up with 3.8% like I did you likely did the same mistake I made...double counting your equity on the turn.
  13. I'm not scared of a bigger draw...if it happens it happens.If I hit my draw I will get called by straights, two pairs, sets and top pair far more often than I'll be beat by the bigger draws...and even when I run into a bigger flush, most of them won't raise me.To clarify, I'm not asking about my river bet. I'm asking about the flop and turn bets, and the UTG call (admittedly EXTREMELY loose).I played this UTG because I'm 80% certain I'll get 4 or 5 others to limp along with the blinds, and that no one will raise.Some would argue that I should be checking/calling the flop and turn...I'm thinki
  14. I can't comment on what he may or may not have said to you in a PM.All I can say is in the original post he clearly states that you have 18 live outs.
  15. 4/8 liveVery passive and loose table pf....lots of hands with 6-8 players seeing a flop.Mostly passive, though some guys will make you pay for draws, postflop.I'm UTG with 7s5s - I limp.7 other limpers, including blinds.Ts 7d 9s (8 SB)I bet, everyone callsTs 7d 9s Kh (8 BB)I bet, everyone callsTs 7d 9s Kh 6s (16 BB)I betOne raiser, I call...I can fold a 3 bet - I don't think anyone at this table bets a straight, but they certainly call itMy thinking is I probably get 7 callers on the flop...likely 4 or 5 on the turn...and could get 3 or 4 on the river.To me, I think I have equity in betting,
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