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  1. I would likely 3-bet the turn. It makes the river play pretty simple. If he 4 bets the turn, u could call the turn, and call his river bet. Although if he 4 bets the turn, he likely has the three, a six or an overpair. I likely pay him off though on the river though.Obviously if he just calls the turn, I bet the river.
  2. that's classic. How long have been saving this for? Or will I have to wait 3 years for a response.
  3. PS he said he was intending to check raise the flop. If I bet the flop, and he raises big enuf, I likely get away from this hand. I doubt I would have given myself the full 15 clean outs.
  4. I thought raising was the proper play myself, or I wouldn't have asked the question. I've been in a bit of a funk over the last couple days where i am always putting people on hands that beat me.The irony here is that he indeed showed me the 85cc for the str8 flush. He was stunned when I didn't raise, and I thought maybe that I was supposed too. (thus the post)Trying not to be results oriented, I thought maybe the raise was the +ev play.
  5. This hand happened quite early in this tournament, and villain was playing quite a few hands, but as of yet did not show any down. I must admit I was watching a movie at the same time so I may have missed something I shouldn't have.Early position raised and got a caller so I tagged along in the CO with kqcc, button folds, blinds call. Yay position.Checks to me on flop, I check behind so I get to see a free card. I didn't want to get check raised off my hand and I felt as though a semi bluff into this many players seemed ill advised. (Is this correct?)SB bets half the pot and gets a caller.
  6. This is somewhat confusing the way written, especially since in your scenario the bb comes before the sb. I assume you just mixed up the seat numbers, but I'm still not sure if you're utg or on the button. Either way, I think raising preflop is the better option especially if you are under the gun. Although it may of worked here, you take the chance of trapping yourself when nobody raises.
  7. This hand happened tonight and am interested to see your thoughts. Villain had been playing quite tight, but had raised my bb on previous occasions when folded to him. This is this first time I took a stand. Is this a standard play, or did I make a mistake?Full Tilt No-Limit Hold'em, 32000 Tournament, 15000/30000 Blinds 4000 Ante (5 handed) - Full-Tilt Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.comHero (BB) (t554382)UTG (t892602)MP (t2337839)Button (t528314)SB (t501863)Hero's M: 8.53Preflop: Hero is BB with 3 , A 3 folds, SB raises to t90000, Hero calls t60000Flop: (t200000) 5 , 8 , A (2 players)SB
  8. did daniel call patrick's 50k bet? my net went out.
  9. how come no one is considering 33 in his range?
  10. just to clarify u had the third nut low, but either way, sucks man.
  11. the fact that ur posting these hands in this order tho tells me that the other guy ur `new best friend`tried bluffing the wrong guy outta of pot tho and you ended up winning all 3.
  12. wow u played all these hands like a typical calling station, second hand i think u played ok i guess, but other two, you cant beat all that much.
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