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  1. The new layout is like the Quiznos baby. I... now have to leave for another few years.
  2. I sold the car to a guy in Myrtle Beach. It's probably a broker. Anytime somebody calls on a specialty vehicle, he somehow ends up owning a crappy apartment in South Carolina somewhere. Sales tax on car purchases is a flat $300 in SC.
  3. I sell cars for a living and spend 3 hours a day trying to figure out when I can take a two week vacation so I can write a book about my experience in the car business. It's... it's just so... for every horrible story you hear about the business, you're missing at least two more. Some of them are kind of funny, though. I was trying to get a guy with terrible credit a used F-250 the other day. With his credit, the only bank that would buy his loan was one of our special finance banks. He had a truck he'd bought a year previously he wanted to trade in, but he was tipped about 6K, and even if
  4. Creating a being explicitly to cause it infinite pain is not, as Graham Greene might put it, an act of appallingly strange mercy, but rather an act of such extreme, twisted, and boundless cruelty that the perpetrator should be worshiped only as ants worship a teenager with a magnifying glass.
  5. Probably because I'm a masochist, I have a modest position on the Rangers tonight.I hit the Cardinals when they opened last night, because (a) I decided to gamble that Carpenter would start (and that this would affect the number) and (b) I decided to gamble that the books would grossly underestimate the power of the public's perception of "momentum."When I woke up this morning, the line had moved enough such that I could buy-back my entire position and show a profit, but the new line seemed way out of whack, and I liked the Rangers to begin with, so I hit it hard enough to end up with a pr
  6. If everything is predestined, what is the point of God and belief and faith and salvation (from our perspective)? If God knew that some would be saved and some would be damned, he created existence just to arbitrarily assign some people to eternal suffering.
  7. That was one of the most amazing games I have ever seen. I hate Tony "The Genius" Larussa, but I'm pulling for the Cardinals, now. That ball Freise hit was annihilated.
  8. If I didn't post here for a full year, and if I met with Chrozzo in the opening round, I know there is absolutely no way you would ever advance him past me, so let's stop kidding ourselves, okay?
  9. Come to think of it, that's a substantial leak. I've probably got 1500 in microdebts floating around that I'll never collect. I'm bad at my job, apparently.
  10. Yeah, I just completely forgot. My usual settle number with people is 250ish, so whenever I owe someone (or someone owes me) less than that, it drops right out of my head. I don't have your contact info any more -- I'm currently, dead serious, using an LG Chocolate from like 2007 -- but you can text me your address/balance, too, if you want. It might take me a few hours to respond, though, as I don't have a keyboard, or T9
  11. Oh hey, what do I owe you? You had a few futures that I never got to grade or anything, so just let me know how those turned out and I'll ship you a Money Order or Western Union thing tomorrow or Mon. It's like, what, 200 or something?
  12. Are you sue you don't mean "we?"
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