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  1. It's been 2 days and I still can't get into my account. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling Stars, but no deal.Sent an email to support. Let's hope they can solve the problem.....
  2. Nope. I still get the FBI warning when I try to download the .com site and the EU site.
  3. I had to buy a new hard drive and redownload Pokerstars a few days ago. Had to download pokerstars.net. No problems there.But when I tried to cashout my whopping $250, there's no cashier tab on the homepage now, so I can't get access to my account. How am I supposed to cashout? Send an email to customer support? A little help here, please?Much appreciated.
  4. Give it a listen:http://www.jimmieleesongs.com/
  5. Last time I wandered aimlessly around Vegas, I ended up at the Hooters Casino and didn't leave for 2 days....
  6. One of the regulars in the 3/6 LHE game says at least once every orbit when he gets his cards....."I have a double quad draw." Meh. He's 72 years old. We humor him.
  7. I'm not seeing it here in Milwaukee's TV listings either.Will it be on Carplayertube or Pokertube after it airs on TV?
  8. I think it was Chris Ferguson that explained it as "10% short term luck and 90% long term skill" that prevails and gets you the money in the long run.Playing the proper cards, in the proper posistion, against the proper opponents, and excercising proper bankroll management that makes a winning player over the long term.Sounds logical to me.
  9. $.02 990 player MTT hyper turbo tournies on Stars. $500 chip starting stacks/ 3 minute levels.You wanna gamble.....?
  10. Umm......I think the damage has pretty much been done.....
  11. Trying to get to 90 hourshttp://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/lifestylegamingpokeroffbeat
  12. Guess he took that 'Winner take all' figure of speech a bit too literally.....?
  13. I had a big wheel when I was a kid......
  14. Agree or disagree?http://www.cardplayer.com/cardplayer-magaz...ve-limit-holdemAny other thoughts as to why you think one is better than the other?
  15. We had a dealer at the B&M here about 2 years ago who was the nicest, friendliest lady, but dealt like she was on Red Bull and crystal meth! 50 hands an hour easily without breaking a sweat. She made mad tips, though.One time I made the mistake of having my hand in the way of her deal, and she literally gave me a paper cut on my finger!Last I heard she was out with carpal tunnel. Go figure.
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