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  1. I don't think strategy should change for either. If you had the same 9 people playing against you live and online I wouldn't make any adjustments just because of where the game was being played. The differnces in strategy comes from how people play. Most low stakes live nl games are complete donk fests, so you just sit back and get paid with good hands. Most online games don't play like that so you have to take a more aggro approach.
  2. The best time to play is when most of the regulars aren't playing. This is different for each site depending on where most of the players are from.
  3. I think you should check this flop to get max value from a mid pair. If you check flop/bet turn you're going to get paid by 88-jj almost every time. On the river you can either check it down or make a value bet depending on how bad you're opponent is.
  4. I agree this is a pretty simple call. Strange line and great pot odds makes for an easy decision. Only way I fold is if the player is a huge nit and I've seen them ultra slowplay huge hands before.
  5. I'm getting all in here even if he has more money. The possible hands he could do this with are: 22,55, many Ad hands, bigger over pairs with a d (99+?), the straight, and the flush. You crush a lot of those hands and have solid equity against the rest. This is definitely a spot you should get it in with and not have second thoughts
  6. The key to aggressive poker is having no fear. The nature of the game means that most of the time in heads up pots both players will have missed. If you are the aggressor you will often win the post without too much effort. Basically you have to have the guts to put in money when you don't have a hand. You don't have to get crazy playing junk, but adding aggression to you game is going to make a huge difference in your winrate.
  7. The truth is, the more stimuli that you give your brain the less resources you'll have to think about poker. Our brains aren't very good at multi taking, and if you do anything that requires any concentration (even listening to music takes some effort) you won't play your best game. If you want to play 100% the best poker you possibly can it would be optimal to play in silence, with nothing to focus on but poker. That being said, you might not need 100% of your mental resources to be a good sized winner in some games, so listening to music wouldn't hurt you that bad. I would do anything more t
  8. If you "know" they have a set then you should fold. If you know what they are holding then poker is just a simple math problem. The truth is, you're not going to be able to know their exact 2 hole cards very often. Sets are very powerful, and when you flop them you are usually a huge favorite. Most players will get in much worse and you will turn a nice profit each time you get all in. So to answer your question, if you are 100% sure what they have it would be foolish to call anyways, but my guess is that's not the case. So, keep getting all in with your sets and don't worry about the few time
  9. While I may not agree with what he said I respect him for being honest much more than people pretending it wouldn't bother them. If people lie about their feelings a discourse can never happen and things will stay the same. The whole story is quite ridiculous. I don't really think him coming out at this point does anyone any good, except for his bank account. It's fairly interesting that he finally has the "courage" to come out and just happens to have a book about it. It's also interesting that the story has been given so much pub from ESPN and it just happens to be an ESPN published book.
  10. The only way I ever enjoyed playing in the FL cardrooms is by playing 7 card stud with a bunch of old men who could die at any moment. Unlike the holdem games where you are likely to see 5 way showdowns every hand those guy would always call down to the last card then fold it out.
  11. If you play poker long enough you will have some pretty huge down-streaks. Even top players go through streaks where they lose a good chunk. The worst of the down-streaks happen when bad leaks you are not aware of are made worse by bad luck. When you are going on a bad run it is always better to assume there is something you can improve on before you blame it on bad luck.
  12. It's definitely nice to see some good news. My father lives in WA I will let him know about this.
  13. What is this based on? I'm sure he would love to hear how you think he could improve his game. He has made a good living beating the regulars on a few different sites.
  14. You are definitely screwing yourself hardcore. Rake is a huge beast that every poker must fight to be profitable at the game. Having rakeback gives you a much better chance of being a successful player. Even if you're only a casual player.... you can't beat free money. Which is exactly what you're passing up if you don't sign up for rakeback.
  15. Sports betting is my favorite thing to do whenever I'm in vegas. I don't usually bet much besides that, but I pick games for a few friends who do. They've all made a good bit of money since going with my picks, so I might dabble in it a bit more.
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