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  1. Not books for me dude... I'm talking about buying the books from me (which I'll buy using my FPP's) and then ship to you.
  2. What about some books or DVD's that you guys want... it'd be cheaper than buying them at B & N.
  3. Hey guys... if you haven't read my previous post, I have quit playing poker. I have withdrawn all my money online. But that has left me with a lot of Pokerstars points (29,000 or so) and nothing to spend them on. So, if you want something (clothes, books, DVD's) from PS store, please PM and we'll set a deal up. Basically I'll buy the item for you and then ship it to you for the price we set. I'll even split the cost of shipping with you. Also, I bought this size large, track jacket with the rest of my FTP points and I don't really want it. If you'd like it, PM me and set a price and its
  4. For now, I think I am just going to leave the forums (and stop watching poker of TV and the like) just to separate myself from it for now. And thanks, Matt.
  5. I thought that I was typing, but I couldn't remember.
  6. OK, here it is. This was not a joke, as badly as I wanted it to be. I did come clean with the wife, and she took it as well as you could expect. She did know that I was playing poker quite a bit, she just didn't know that I was redepositing so much and so often (or playing so high) . She is not leaving me, or anything like that. She is awesome and she does really love me.I have talked it over with her (as well as my dad and two close friends) and I am canceling my Vegas trip and quitting poker. Weather I quit for good or just for a period is yet to be determined. I have already contacte
  7. For sure... thanks for the honest response. I agree with everything you are saying. And it is an issue.
  8. You are correct sir. I know that. Yet this is where the problem lies.
  9. The thing is, I can and have won money at lower stakes. Its just that I have taken "shots" at much higher games and lose $200-$300 in one sitting.For example, one time I had won three buy ins at 25 NL and was felling good. I fired up two tables of 1/2 and proceeded to lose both buy ins ($400) in like 50 hands (not joke, swear to God... the two hands were aces cracked all in on the flop by a set and a king high flush to an ace high flush). And good bye 4/5 of my initial $500. So then, I go back to grinding, build my $175 to like $350 and then "take a shot" at .5/1 and proceed to lose $200.
  10. Yeah, this is the worst thing I have done in our marriage. And to be clear, she called and said we are missing $2000 in the account, can you call your dad and look into it, and I just said that I would because I was at work and didn't have time to come clean right then. That was three hours ago and I am still at work and I plan on coming clean tonight. So its not like I have lied about it a billion times over... I secretly took out the money hoping to to build a bankroll... after going busto, I thought I could get back... obv I haven't done that. As far as posting it, I just need to hear
  11. I agree, but we'll see if she does...Also, I have been slammed for losing $1350 in two years and people here say that I need gambling addiction help... but honestly, haven't people on here lost ALOT more in ALOT less time? Just curious.
  12. This is why I deposited twice. And yes, no matter how hard I try, I keep playing outside my roll.
  13. Honestly, this is not a deal breaker for the wife and I. She will be with me after this for sure. I am confident about that.It is only $2000 and we both have full time jobs and whatnot, so its not like its all the money we have that we are going to be out on the street or anything. I still pay my bills and I still have electricity and whatnot. In fact, it is only 10% of our school savings... so its not the end of the world.The problem is she (for pretty valid reasons) will not want me to play poker anymore. And that makes me sad. I have lost $1350 online in over two years, I think that A
  14. OK, so my wife obv knows that I play online quite a bit. But she has no clue that I have redeposited like 4 times and am down a decent sum of money. Here's the low down:We have this account that I only have access to (its from before we got married) that has all of our school savings in it (we are both getting out master's degrees). That account is still tied to my dad, but he doesn't ever take money or touch it. Over the past two years, I have withdrawn $2000 ($500, 4 different times) from that account without her knowing to play online. My plan was to win it back and withdraw enough to
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