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  1. Anyone not see this coming when flipping through the pictures over on flicker? ^___^
  2. I want to host a home game HORSE tournament. I usually play no limit holdem with these guys, but lately have been playing HORSE online and want to play some live. I just have no idea how to structure this thing...Any thoughts? I think the most that I could get to play would be 16, the least 8. (I know...pretty big range...but these guys can be kinda wishy washy)Help a lady out?K, thx.
  3. looks like you are doing well in that quest...gl sir...
  4. Jesus H Christ...I need to have my head examined.Donked off chips in a way that I havent done in quite some time...gl ya'll...nothing like funding the poker economy on the idiot end...
  5. 2 minutes til start and we are missing like 8 people...^____^ make that 1:68 odds
  6. Yay team...I'm in too...see ya'll at the tables, perhaps....oh, and the payout is capped at 9K. Kinda a downer, but it's better than nothing.
  7. Well, it's actually "miss" ^_~Thanks just the same
  8. Hey, ya'll I have a tourney coming up tomorrow on poker.com. I qualified in a free roll that's only for college students in North America. Anyway the final is tomorrow evening at 20:00 (poker.com time). If anyone wants to come watch me (hopefully) win 9K, that's where I'll be. ^___^ peace.
  9. Come on guys! Syracuse U. is like an hour away...think of all the rich, drunk, coeds!(and you say there is nothing to do in there ^_~)
  10. It seems you have a sense of humor...I like. You can stay. ...not that my puny post-count really means much around here ^_~.
  11. IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR US LOCATED ECOCARD CUSTOMERS:In response to recent publicity about the use of EcoCard for online gambling purposes EcoCard would like to draw its US located customers attention to the Terms of Service they have previously agreed to, and in particular, Section 8 – International Use, which clearly states;8.1. Recognizing the global nature of the Internet, you agree to comply with all local rules regarding online conduct and acceptable content. Specifically, you agree to comply with all applicable laws regarding the transmission of technical data exported from the country in
  12. Had to say it..."Get a mac"^__^
  13. It seems like a better approach would be a sliding scale. Initially the split could be 80/20, but the further up the player gets, the more the stakee would get. This would give added incentive for the player to make it deep into the tournament. Psychologically it seems like a bigger incentive. Just a thought.
  14. The question is how to get money off the site after depositing this way...
  15. Good luck on the bar exam! As long as you studied adequately, you should be fine (or so I've heard...)
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