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  1. I deserve a stake because it was my bday yesterday, but I can't play tonight so I hope who ever does get the stake does really well! Good luck
  2. And I'm out! Thanks for the stake.
  3. total_con12 (FCP)Cool, thanks a lot!
  4. Dealt to total_con12 [6h 3d]Svinda: calls 30bbgun5310: folds Figger: calls 30GnitS414 said, "i folded pocket 1010"JspencerFCP: folds total_con12: calls 15GnitS414 said, "so"GnitS414: checks *** FLOP *** [5s 4c 7c]total_con12 said, "good fold i'll show you after just pm me"total_con12: bets 120GnitS414: folds Svinda: raises 1075 to 1195 and is all-inFigger: folds total_con12: calls 1075*** TURN *** [5s 4c 7c] [Qc]*** RIVER *** [5s 4c 7c Qc] [4s]*** SHOW DOWN ***total_con12: shows [6h 3d] (a straight, Three to Seven)Svinda: shows [5h 5d] (a full house, Fives full of Fours)Ran into some bad luck,
  5. I'd love one, it would be nice to play in the open again. total_con12 (FCP)
  6. Thanks a lot. shipped half of the 4.97
  7. very cool, thankstotal_con12 (FCP)
  8. I think if you're going to be doing this you should try to get some benefit out of it. So with that in mind, I suggest starting off with a lemonade diet, it's a master cleanse, that's supposed to " rest the digestive tract, cleanse the system of impurities, mobilize and eliminate toxins stored in various areas of the body, and burn excess fat stores. Weight loss is a natural by-product". This cleanse is supposed to last 10 Days, and I personally think if you go through the 10 days the last 20 days will not be very hard, considering you can actually eat broth! I've tried this diet, and it was r
  9. Just started playing poker since late 2007, a long break, but I needed it! I would love a stake if possible, thanks either way.Edit: total_con12 (FCP)
  10. Niiice. I blew my whole bankroll playing 5/10, then I sat alone in the dark.
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