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  1. lol, lets point out a few thingsDaniels Blog March 6th 2008http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-jour...&ucat=&"There was me and 10 other people, mostly from the FCP forum along with a couple of their friends. The 28 year old brought her 17 year old brother who is desperate to one day shave. The guy who's idea this was brought and absolute nutcase Irishman with him along with his not so wild and crazy friend. The "chosen one" is a cool nickname, but this guy was more like the "responsible one." He doesn't like beer? What a c... er, never mind, I just realized that I can't repeat that A
  2. DanielRE: Video Posted June 3rdI know me and Irish bombarded you with the C$!* Word while in Australia but i was glad to hear in your video blog about the shakespeare commentI love your justification for us using the word, im definalty going to use that excuse next timebut i doubt Irish has every read shakespeare lol actually i dont think he has ever read a book...ever!
  3. Cam, chill im joking!lol hiii kylie!
  4. who the hell you calling a n00b
  5. i hate fishcakes, whilst on that topic, i hate curry puffs too
  6. lolprobably shouldnt be in here but now it is oh wellhiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  7. lol, everyone has their nicknames
  8. Great!Cheers Daniel again for coming out, had a blast...especially the first night
  9. mwwhhhaaaaa 1 milllllliiooonn dollaaaarrsss
  10. whats the bet you sit in it first?you must have a field day in harvey norman, sitting on all the chairs before anyone buys them
  11. i tried to watch this again, this movie still sucks
  12. www.koalanet.com.au/australian-slang.htmltry this
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