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  1. im just trying to see if i have got my hand/pot odds calculations roughly downso i was wondering if a couple people could give me a few situations to see if i can come up with the correct decesion
  2. coin flip, flipament w.e !lets do it!ive only got $50 that i put on last night so!sry u "high rolling sobs"
  3. BUMP!!!ok its beer night again.... i ddint check back last night after the silly type what ur action is going to be....ne 1 wanna do something awesome??? im poor so no $100 flips !!
  4. im actually just doing this on $10 6 handed sng.... but ill coinflip at a low limit lol.. lemme know
  5. ok its kinda funny... but no that fun... ahahhaha i
  6. hahahahah ok ,... thats an ok start... i am doing it now.. hahahhaah
  7. hahaha i allmost did man!!! but i thought better againts it... ahaahaha
  8. who wants to do something silly other than using my whole bankroll on a razz game or some shit...ne fun ideas?!?!!?!!?!?!?!
  9. its seanthecon!!! OMGZ!!!!!!ne 1 wanna do something silly on full tilt???its vodka night and i wanna **** around someone post a sweet idea!!!
  10. ya kinda like... sad.... uber bad beatbut FORREST WAS MY MAN THE WHOLE WAY BABY!! i just felt he was going to take it, and he did awesome...
  11. well im excited for the card, even tho prob the worst thats been on in a whileI JUST MOVED TO FLORIDA AND CANT FIND NE 1 TO BUY ME BOOZE!!!! WTF AM I GOING TO DO AGRGGRGARGAGRGR
  12. i guus u rit i no like push pre flip evry hnd
  13. i guess i just didnt expect these 45 mans to go like this..i would think that there would be more chips in play.. / the blinds would be longer..idk.. havent played alot of these 45 mans
  14. so i guess its get a massive stack or... push with just about any 2 cards for most of the tourney unless...you are that massive stack
  15. yes... you are right...rigged...
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