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  1. I think it's going to be somewhat pointless spending 2 minutes in the tank doing math just so you can determine how often you'll win a pot at showdown. As James said, Pokerstove is very insightful for getting a sense of your hand's equity vs. your opponent's ranges in common situations - but knowing "I will win the pot x% of the time when I raise XX on the button" is rather pointless. Especially in situations where you might win $0.50 4 out of 5 times, but the other 1 you lose $5 (So you have an expected value of -$3).
  2. Yeah, I wouldn't listen to TA13 either. I mean, if you OPR him on stars and tilt he has like $29k total in profit, but I only listen to people who have over $30k total profit. Sorry Ryan, you're just a fish.
  3. edit: private issue, public thread.
  4. Nobody gave Chael a shot and he went in there and won 4/5 rounds. Was impressive to see Silva get shut down and ****ing exciting to see him get tagged.
  5. Anybody want to give me action on Guida vs. Anjos at UFC 117 tonight? I'd like $50 on Guida at +110 (Pinnacle has him at +111 but I don't have a pinnacle account).
  6. Anybody want to give me action on Guida vs. Anjos? I'd like $50 on Guida at +110 (Pinnacle has him at +111 but I don't have a pinnacle account).
  7. How do we know Carwin isn't as strong as Lesnar?
  8. Calling stations like to call, they don't like to bet or raise, so you need to do the betting for them.bet 650 on the flop and that'll leave him like 1800 on the turn, the pot will be 2300ish and you can just put him in. As played I just check/jam because if he's calling a raise he's calling a jam.
  9. I actually don't think average stacksize is that important. It is useful for gauging how you're doing relative to the field and determing how much edge you have over the field. Example: You have an average stack deep in a tournament. If you have 15BBs, even if you play a shortstack well, you have less edge than if you have a 50BB stack and play a 50BB stack well. Average stack size will almost never affect how you play a hand.That's why BBs is more important (in my opinion). Your stack size and the stacks of other players in the hand is often going to be a deciding factor on how you play a han
  10. Carwin vs. Lesnar next month. Getting a bit ahead of myself but what do you guys think about this fight? Carwin is +158 right now.
  11. I got Rashad at even money against a buddy, so I hope he does what he needs to do and doesn't try to brawl with Rampage.
  12. I agree, I think as long as Rashad fights a smart fight he wins. Rampage has a better jaw and more power in his hands and I don't think Rashad can KO him or take him down. The problem is, Rampage doesn't have the same quality of camp behind him that Rashad does. I think Rashad and his team will come in with a strategy to defeat Rampage and Rampage will just come out throwing bombs with bad intentions.
  13. Anybody have predictions for rampage vs evans yet?
  14. In low and medium for SCOOP event 1gogogogogo! gl all
  15. Have we talked about Rua at +162 yet?
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