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  1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Jan. 23, 2007 In-home recreational internet gaming shouldn’t be a felony, says Strow10th District legislator introduces bill to provide an affirmative defense to the Class C Felony created by 2006 internet gambling billRep. Chris Strow, R-Whidbey Island, today announced his legislation, House Bill 1243, to quash the felony charge language in last year’s legislation addressing in-home internet gambling.“My goal with this legislation is to correct an element from last year’s online gambling bill, Senate Bill 6613, that made it a Class C Felony to gamble recreationally in on
  2. A classic quote from her blog talking about getting some of her 'stamp' work done:
  3. Had it happen a couple of times today, but didn't seem like network issues more like application related. The lobby was still open, but the table that I was on closed (couple of times at a ring game and one time in a SnG). I had to close the lobby, and Taskbar/End Process to a stray FCP process (probably the dead table) before I could restart and re-enter the table. Fortunately I was a massive chip leader in the SnG, so sitting out a couple of hands didn't matter. Any debug info or something else I should be forwarding?
  4. Saw him playing in a cash game during the WSOP. Seemed as grumpy as ever...
  5. Just to clarify is this a trip to LV for 1 or 2 (winner and spouse)?
  6. My guess is somewhere between $100 and $300 each. We'll know more when we know how many participants there were.
  7. Looks like another great table to start the day with for DN:Sargon Ruya $125,400 Walt Schafer $134,700 Christine Wilson $122,200 Zoltan Hajdu $83,100 Mikael Thuritz $114,800 Jeremy Scheeringa $112,500 James Johnson $56,700 Fred goldberg $140,900 Daniel Negreanu $331,000 Jason Fields $71,800
  8. This question was raised earlier and the powers that be said that 5% was going to be paid out no matter what. If there was no one qualifying for the televised portion, then it would be rolled into the main pot.
  9. it's actually 2.5% split up, or 5% split up if no one makes it to a televised final table.
  10. Deal making with relation to cash is specifically allowed in WSOP events, but not for the bracelet. There is also verbage about even if a deal is made, play must continue in earnest for the bracelet.
  11. So, now that day 1D has officially started, do we have a final count on the number of participants? (in the promo that is)
  12. Probably not until Monday I would imagine.
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