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  1. You know how I know you play poker with one hand?
  2. Bumping for posterity,After switching from UB to AP for a month I found UB > AP; the bonus dollars clear slower at AP, with a point system based on a .50 cent rake instead of number of hands played, you're clearing 5$ every 3 hours four tabling .25/50 full handed. Increasing member status is at least 5 to 10 times as slow at AP as it is on UB, with a point system based on 4$ wagers instead of number of hands played. AP has a 500$ minimum ARP cash out compared to UB's 25$ minimum U{ cash out. Granted AP's 3,000$ max ARP cash out is higher than UB's 1,000$ max UP cash out and has a 1 cent hig
  3. Please tell me the last time a Conservative was killed for his political views as opposed to the last time a homosexual was killed for his sexual orientation? When people start committing hate crimes against Conservatives, then you'll have something to actually validate your opinion.
  4. Carter was a Nuclear Engineer for the US Navy, you fail.
  5. It was and is common knowledge in civilian/military intelligence agencies that Iraq did not and does not have weapons of mass destruction, the case was built on German intelligence gathered from a man seeking asylum from Iraq, reported to interpol and then dismissed by intelligence experts. The testimony was then reopened, reexamined and "spun" in order to support Bush's personal decision to violate international law by invading a sovereign with out due cause.I've been a U.S. Army Military Intelligence Officer since 9/11, and I 100% guarantee you that not only was there no evidence to support
  6. True, but following that logic, a feeler bet attached to a set etc. isn't that bad for inducing a bluff.
  7. Did BB flat the min re-raise with another PP? I think I fire the turn just to be certain the 4 flush doesn't get there. I don't believe a good Ace would have flat called the min re-raise over isolating PF there, but if he did, and if he calls or re-raises the bet, then it's an easy check/fold or fold on the river for me.
  8. About 1/3 of the pot, tho' I'd rather just fold or donk/check raise with a marginal holding against a wide range OOP most of the time.
  9. With all of the Rakeback sites out there, is there a consensus on which ones are the most reliable/trustworthy?
  10. If you weren't in the small blind, I'd fold this, but as it stands he could be seriously under valuing your hand.
  11. Creative license, I wanted to see what other people's ranges were and what they would have done if it didn't result in 3 AIs on the flop. Once I shoved the button's raise the BB's flat call was "unexpected," and it superficially created the pot odds to justify my shove and the button's call in retrospect. That's the reason I was drawing more attention to the "what if the SB calls or shoves" scenarios, I felt I needed to isolate with 2 pair and didn't want the SB to complicate matters, and it's also the reason I think calling in this position to check it on the turn is just out of the question.
  12. From Ed MillerThe Small and Medium Pocket PairsLet’s talk about the small and medium pairs for a moment. Playing these hands does two things for you: 1. It balances your hand range so you don’t always have big cards when you play up front. 2. It allows you to flop sets and win big pots occasionally.Above, I recommended that against weak players you make big raises with your big early position hands. What about the small and medium pairs? You don’t want a huge pot with a small pair, since usually you’ll fold on the flop. So you don’t want a huge raise either. But you might want to make a sm
  13. In retrospect, that's the line I wish I'd taken, but it just felt so weak tight. Final handSmall blind calls and reveals A of spades and 8 of clubsBig blind calls and reveals K of spades and Q of clubsSpade hits the river.
  14. Ok, how do you flat call this? If the BB flat calls behind you, what's your plan on the turn? 285$ is in the pot, I'm forfeited against 12 outs, and any move at the pot gives us all the odds to call to the river.Do you not at least re-raise here to chase out the SB?
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