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  1. I decided to find a reason to post something about my own game today. Today I've played heads-up almost exclusively. To give an idea of my opponent, as that is important in headsup play; He beats the game, and he has a brain, I beat him quite a bit the last 2 weeks and now he's getting used to my play. This is to say, he's not the person I would like to play, I do however get to think more. I still feel I have quite an edge on him, if I execute right. Am I executing right?These hands were played in a row, Any hands that were just pre-flop I will leave blank and just mention is Jack or Her
  2. I second what screech said. Raising here is just simply not smart poker.
  3. Econ, Why would you raise with Ac Xc here? Guys this is basic SSHE (I hate bringing up that bloody book, but this calls for it I guess)
  4. We all do, At that limit at party you probably DO want pokertracker. I don't want people deleting poker tracker after reading that lol. I'm just taking a different approach with him, I wrote up something on word for him to learn, and added a lot of posts regarding the math aspect of poker. He learns to range hands from watching me, I just think out loud and it actually helps me not to get off-track... ever...I recommend teaching and staking a friend, as long as they hit you back with a good percentage for x amount of money. It helps your game big time.TJ I could probably still work somethi
  5. For what it's worth... I'm teaching a friend how to play, he'll watch me play and we discuss things.. So he's jumping a lot of the steps (which I know he is smart enough to do)I told him not to get pokertracker, and to never get it. Call me a maniac, call me an idiot, but that's what I'm doing with him. He doesn't need any crutches.
  6. Good question.Don't you think that's a huge leak? OP... Don't go raising this flop man, you want multi-way action and you don't want to be putting your own bets in there at this point... Very very wrong to raise here... Nothing else in the hand should be looked at until you realize that.Hope I don't sound critical, but I was just suprised no one had cursed you out for it yet.
  7. Yeah Ice, I don't defend sb much either. I have the same exact idea as you really.I liked this though, it was going to be a big multi-way pot.. I will defend it with T 7 in this spot all the time. I had this come up right before I posted and defended with the T 6 because I think I can probably play it profitably..I just want to know what other people think... Can I play a suited two gapper in this pot? I liked to think I could because the UTG is a terrible player, So I knew dead money was there to take... The rest weren't very good either, nothing I'd be worried about. I'm not sure...
  8. 7 handed 5/10 UTG limps (terrible player), CO raises, Button Folds.I hold 2 T I fold..I hold 7 T I call..Just want to get some opinions on this. That's all.
  9. 2, Read Jen's chapter first. It will make you money.
  10. Haha,I went through that stage too. It wasn't that long ago. I think I should definetly bet that river (assuming a blank falls), if villian checks. Even most good players wouldn't check this river with a hand can't beat AK. That's one of the advantages of checking the turn. I may induce a bluff from hands that I beat, and I may get a hand that would have folded the turn to call the river. You saved the best sentence for your last!
  11. You're under the impression that this guy isn't going to bet again on the river?
  12. All good points, Calling this down sucks... But actually... That turn is even worse. If I was planning on calling down in hopes that he was gonna bet out his QQ or JJ I would have done what you did on the flop.I don't mind folding the turn after that Q comes up though, he capped pre-flop... Even a maniac doesn't do that with many hands other than JJ-AA or maybe AQs+.Gotta fold on the turn in this spot... Kings didn't work out. Against known opponents it's much easier to decide on the flop... but he is an unkown so you gotta go with metagame thoughts on this one.
  13. I don't know... I gotta disagree smash. I think you should disagree with yourself too :)There is only 4 bets in the pot now, relatively small, you've been doing this for a while now... He has rock'ish stats.. he's getting sick of this abuse. He finally got his hand to c/r you with. Do you really want to give him the benefit of paying him off?I don't know if I've gotten to passive... But I ussually fold here, and keep it in the back of my head... he now knows you can fold! So he might get a little crazy with you later, even if he doesn't... It isn't worth paying 2 more bets for that pot if
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