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  1. Hey Cobalt,I would squeeze or fold preflop (probably squeeze here given the history).I like how you played it postflop, especially the river.
  2. I think it means you just have to gamble 50 there and then they give you 50. So it's like a free 50 bucks. I ran mine up to 150 after a few minutes of playing bj and quit. Thanks party.
  3. That sounds a less crazy than most other religions. Theres the word I was looking for earlier!
  4. Getting 11:1??I like it as played mikey. Sets/better 2 pair hands are definetly in villians range, and I don't want to get 3 bet on this turn. If you raise, you will get an extra bet from KK/TT, but lose an extra one to everything else.
  5. Play poker so don't have to rely on your parents for ****?
  6. What an idiot.As an aside, I thought christians were all about slurirng jews.
  7. My goal is to pass exams.After that, I have a window of about 2 1/2 weeks were I can really enjoy summer. I plan on spending a lot of time outdoors drinking lots of tequila.I also plan to get in roughly 20k hands (all nl), and hope to win somewhere between 10 - 15k.I might even give the sunday million gaurunteed on party a try. If I do, my goal is to win that.
  8. Lois,Why do you think an atheists view on life is one of utter meaninglessness? Just because there is no afterlife, does not mean a life has no meaning.Your thoughts on morals being an illusion of society (given life has no meaning) has been played out in a dozen movies. However, I think that you're neglecting the one overriding feature of evolution, that is, the continuation of a species. In the end, greed, murder, vengeance, etc, goes agianst the greater good of the species, which is not what we are designed for. That's why the meaning we give life is common theme throughout various cult
  9. Youre right, but with a 4 in front of it, I meant off.
  10. I show a profit with all of them raising from 3 OTB 3 off the button is in first position sh. I don't see how raising every Axs first in from all positions means I'm passive? Sure. I limp behind with small suited aces if there's a limper ahead of me. I know. But you realize that MP2 is the same as first position in a SH game right? I'm sure that most decent players in most circumstances would turn a profit here by limping. I might dish if UTG was tight, but otherwise, I limp. I like money, and I like making poker fun.
  11. It's 3 handed and villian has position. You haven't shown that much strength pf. I don't think capping a hand like JTo once you 3-bet is wrong in the hopes of getting that free card. Same applies for most other flush draws. Now, it doesn't matter if you think that she could have badly overplayed the flop with some other draw, what matters is what she thinks. In my experience, a lot of players will go apeshit on this board 3 handed with a hand like ATo. Correct, no. But they still do it. You have a very strong hand on a draw heavy board in a short game, I'm not too concerned even if I d
  12. Yeah, I would bet the hand in hand 1 just so that I don't have to make the river fold (I like it given how the hand played out though)I like hand 2.
  13. Nope. Youre a bit too deep to raise so little pf. Assuming villian needs 10:1 to make this call with implied odds (sometimes you will set over set and win big), he only needs 7.5 x 10 - money in pf to make this call with any pp. That means that he only has to expect to win around 55 on average from you postflop to make his call correct.Also, the reasons Iggy suggested. RAise more.That flop sucks, but unless you were planning to check/fold, you have to suck it up and bet.The turn was an excellent card for you. The flop was played fairly passively, so you should now bet the turn and not ris
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