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  1. update: i show retards no mercy some hands from the session
  2. update: lost $1,200 playing keno
  3. just won $500 on the steelers game
  4. actuary, sorry if you are dissapointed. i just wanted to make sure the strat posters were aware of the +$450 EV opportunity.
  5. not sure if this has been posted here, but i wanted to give you guys a HU on this great promotion. you can guarantee yourself around $450 if you have about $1,600 online that you don't need for a couple weeks details: http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showflat...e=0&fpart=1 i'm happy to field questions, as i placed my bets earlier today
  6. even if all of their income is from tips, dealing 30 hands and hour with $1 tip per hand isn't horrible
  7. jordan why would you tip $75?? i don't even understand wanting to tip $25 or $50.
  8. here's a good session i played last week. it was one table from about 6a.m. to 7a.m. eastern time. who knew the games were good then? i especially like the ridiculous w$sd.
  9. this is pretty bad. you slowplay the whole way and then don't put in a reraise on the end. why not bet/3-bet the flop and go from there?
  10. i'm checking behind on the river unimproved
  11. i am BB with KcQd folds to SB, who raises, i 3-bet, he caps, i call flop 6d 9c 6c he bets, i call turn 8c he bets, i raise, he calls river 6s he bets, i fold i think this is a good turn raise, but i think he might not fold as much since the pot is big. also, his range should be pretty good since he capped preflop.
  12. back from foxwoods. ended up stuck mostly because i ran horribly during a long session of 5/10 limit hold'em with a kill. met dunkindonuts in a 4/8 O8 game. i also got staked and played a little 20/40 hold'em. the 20/40 table i was at played like a juicy 5/10 online game.
  13. i recently opened an online Emigrant savings account so i could earn interest on part of my bankroll. their current rate is 5.15% APR, so it adds up.
  14. i don't know of any strategy guides, but you can't go wrong raising with high cards
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