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  1. i'm looking for an on screen gui.. i'll check those out to see if its what i'm looking for thanks
  2. i'm looking for a program or mod that works with ftp that shows everyones playing style listed in numbers. does this even exsist... i thought you guys would know
  3. last year i ordered the coverage from espn pay-per-view. does anyone know what the scoop is with this year?I've heared that its offered free and you get to see the whole cards... and i was like whaa?
  4. Would someone really waste aces like that?
  5. sure thing... PM me when you bust :bubble_lol:EDIT//I don't have paypal sorry
  6. I'll take it... what's your handel?//edit mine is Err-eek... and thats fine.
  7. I'm in so watch out... I'm pretty sure if I make the final table i'll end up pulling a Amir Vahedi and donk my chips off.
  8. Eric Smith

    What'd I Do

    So I created a topic about TonyGPoker.com and their sign-up bonus and it got deleted. Was I breaking a rule of advertising or something?Also, have any of you guys played on the site? I'm thinking about putting some money on because of the sweet bonus.
  9. lol I hear yaI think you really want to hit a thousand posts
  10. I've never read it but I know Cloutier wrote a book on all the forms of tournament omaha.
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