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  1. Had never been to Ruth's Chris before. Quite goot. I got almost a lil too drunk to play but before I could barely stand we all sat 1/2NL for a bit where I saw one of the worst NL cash hands ever played (by both parties).I have Ad/Kd in the BB, one limper, one raise to $6, one call. I re-raise to $25, original limper calls, others including original raiser folds. Flop is Jack high, 2 hearts, I bet $45, guy calls. Turn is a blank. I shove like $200 or so, he thinks for a minute or so and mucks QQ face up. Hilarious, he limps and gets 2 raises and doesn't pop pre-flop. He gets the perfect
  2. That's the plan. Preceded by dinner at Ruth's Chris. mmmm stakes.
  3. It looks to be February 7th. It someone is making snarky comments at your table on that night, it's prolly me.
  4. Never played NLHE against him. In the HOSE tourney down to 2 tables, I found him to be very tough when we got shorthanded on the FT bubble in the stud games.
  5. Yowzers. Wish I wasn't starting a new job and am stuck here for this. Gheysauce.
  6. Reslock is probably the toughest tournament stud player I've ever played against IMO. Even moreso shorthanded.
  7. Not sure yet. My buddy is planning. All I said was I want to play cards and drink. I doubt I will play the Winter Open, I just got a new position at work and it is been crazy. I got dirty looks for asking off for my wedding.
  8. I have a bachelor party coming up soon which will take place in many of the casinos. Details to follow.
  9. I uninstalled 2/5 awhile back. I only play 5/10 or 1/2 as well.
  10. GG. The Borgata has the best 5/10NL game by far IMO.
  11. I haven't been in general in quite a long time, thus this is wat I did when this thread intrigued me about that thread. Thread.
  12. Just got back from a trip to Jamaica. Prolly meeting some friends at the Trop tonight to hang out.
  13. Valid point though she plays poker frequently at least...and we've lived together for like 6 years now so I don't anticipate much change. Except a better tax return. GG gov't.I'll disrail (Emmitt Smith speak) this thread for a minute to talk about Emmitt Smith's commentary work. I love both his awkward pauses and his creation of words/phrases. He called the Steve Smith/Ken Lucas internal Panthers fight in training camp "Special". The look on Steve Young's face when he retorted "special?!?" was priceless.Carry on...
  14. No doubt. I haven't played live in more than a month. Taking a break for a bit as work has been hectic and with the holidays and then my impending wedding in February I haven't had much time. After things settle down a bit I'll be back to my old ways.
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