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  1. Tre busted 6th for 12,180 before I could get down there tonight. No word on Vtlax's progress in today's 500, think I am going to stay in and take care of some things before I skip town for the weekend. Hopefully no news is good news. Only getting 3 hours of sleep last night before heading into work this morning was brutal.GG again Tre.Edit: Damn it too slow.
  2. First place gets a pretty f'ing sweet ring, even in the prelims. They had some of them on display.Cards in the air in about half an hour, glglglglgl.Edit: Tre is now at the Final Table, 10 players remaining. "short on chips tho" 3:30
  3. Vt blew it at the end of the evening when Tre calls the guy mentioned in the last two hands' 3-bet push. Tre has KcKh, crazy guy has AKd. Pot was something like ~270kish (Tre had raised to 19.5k at 4k-8k and he shipped over for 116k more I believe). Ace in the window. Vt goes "alright time for the one outter" and proceeds to call for the K of clubs on the river. I shake my head in disappointment, as this pot would have put Tre to nearly 4x average stack with 22 left and the clear chip lead. As it is, he finished the day with 243k and tomorrow they start blinds at 6k-12k, 1k ante. Tre's
  4. Just got out of work, gonna take a shower and then head down to Caesar's and stop by Tre's table. Then going to play some 1/2 NL until he hits dinner break. What details I get from him about how his day has gone so far I will pass on when I return home late tonight.
  5. I should be playing cash at Caesars at night during this. When you getting into town tomorrow Vt? I get out of work around 4:30, I may or may not drive into AC proper to play, depending on how works goes. If you guys want to get food again during the dinner break again on Wednesday, I'd be down. It is looking like I will not be around over the weekend (leaving town after work Friday night and returning sometime Sunday), but I should be playing cash most week nights this week and next week. Tre's got my cell #, I can PM you it if you want.
  6. I met Tre and Vtlax during the last Borgata Winter Open, and I felt like I already knew them to an extent by reading so many of their posts over the years. I signed up during the whole "charter member" thing, but I had lurked for significantly longer before that and mainly lurked for a long time after that. Once I turned 21 and started frequenting casinos, I started posting trip reports, which people seemed to enjoy for the most part. It wasn't until this past year that I started posting with any sort of frequency, mainly in the Football forum. I also had the only active thread going in th
  7. But who can I exchange Ravens/Steelers hate with next fall with the start of the NFL season?
  8. 2nd round of matches should be starting up now, so GL in Round 2 Fluff!
  9. I noticed this when I met up with him and Tre during the Borgata Winter Open and he called someone down with 9 high. The other guy had 9 high too, but sadly Vt's kicker (i think it was a deuce) paled in comparison to his 7 or 8 kicker. But good run and nice cash sir.
  10. Doubling up. Go Go Go Go!Full Tilt Poker Game #10635369025: $22,500 Guarantee (80033373), Table 48 - 6000/12000 Ante 1500 - No Limit Hold'em - 22:03:45 ET - 2009/02/14Seat 5: vtlaxer09 (177,096)Seat 6: 1990Prodigy (683,694)Seat 7: kiutsushou (302,774)Seat 9: DCWinger (357,436)vtlaxer09 antes 1,5001990Prodigy antes 1,500kiutsushou antes 1,500DCWinger antes 1,500DCWinger posts the small blind of 6,000vtlaxer09 posts the big blind of 12,000The button is in seat #7*** HOLE CARDS ***1990Prodigy foldskiutsushou foldsDCWinger raises to 24,000vtlaxer09 raises to 175,596, and is all inDCWinger calls 15
  11. And he's 1/7.Full Tilt Poker Game #10634915327: $22,500 Guarantee (80033373), Table 48 - 4000/8000 Ante 1000 - No Limit Hold'em - 21:35:15 ET - 2009/02/14Seat 1: everydaylivin (193,476)Seat 3: olivazur (120,416)Seat 4: uuhhhicall (114,470)Seat 5: vtlaxer09 (209,976)Seat 6: 1990Prodigy (288,531)Seat 7: kiutsushou (104,024)Seat 8: InvisibleEnigma (306,667)Seat 9: DCWinger (183,440)everydaylivin antes 1,000olivazur antes 1,000uuhhhicall antes 1,000vtlaxer09 antes 1,0001990Prodigy antes 1,000kiutsushou antes 1,000InvisibleEnigma antes 1,000DCWinger antes 1,000uuhhhicall posts the small blind of 4,
  12. VT at the FT of the 22.5k now. Entered 3/9. Gogogogogo
  13. Ship it!Full Tilt Poker Game #10634551065: $22,500 Guarantee (80033373), Table 16 - 2500/5000 Ante 600 - No Limit Hold'em - 21:13:12 ET - 2009/02/14Seat 1: enterthewu19 (108,142)Seat 2: DrawingDeadFred (126,558)Seat 3: dillith1 (63,272)Seat 5: vtlaxer09 (82,263)Seat 6: 1990Prodigy (165,414)Seat 8: DCWinger (202,256)enterthewu19 antes 600DrawingDeadFred antes 600dillith1 antes 600vtlaxer09 antes 6001990Prodigy antes 600DCWinger antes 600dillith1 posts the small blind of 2,500vtlaxer09 posts the big blind of 5,000The button is in seat #2*** HOLE CARDS ***1990Prodigy foldsDCWinger foldsenterthewu
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