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  1. I'll provide you with the odds wheneve rI get on tmrw... too tired right now.
  2. shovel.And I HATE the call pf. Tough spot as played though. I probably fold.
  3. The one thing I hate about shoving the turn is that its only purpose is to price out draws: any hand you beat is folding, any hand that beats you is calling here. It's a tough spot because if you check behind, you give drawing hands a free card while effectively giving hands that don't hit a chance to bluff the river. That being said, it comes down to your read. If you really are confident he's on a draw, push here.
  4. [ (4/52)*(3/51)*(2/50) ] ^2 = 0.000003276%
  5. AKProdigy (Mississauga)GL to whoever gets chosen
  6. I play it the same as well. If he had bet a sizable amount on the river, it might have been debatable. (btw post stack sizes next time)
  7. PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, $0.10 BB (5 handed) Hand History Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com (Format: FCP)Hero ($6.40)SB ($6.40)BB ($9.15)UTG ($14.75)MP ($5.70)Preflop: Hero is Button with T , J . UTG calls $0.10, 1 fold, Hero calls $0.10, SB completes, BB checks.Flop: ($0.40) T , J , A (4 players)SB checks, BB checks, UTG bets $0.4, Hero raises to $1.2, SB folds, BB folds, UTG raises to $14.65, Hero ?no reads on villain
  8. I raise to about 3200 here hoping to take it down. If anyone else shows strength, I play the rest of the hand slowly unless I hit the flop or you get isolated with a weak player. I'd be able to get pushed off this hand fairly easily though if one of the stacks that had me covered shoved behind me. I actually wouldn't MIND a shove since most of the stacks still to act are around 10k or below, but I'd rather not have all my chips on the line here against one of the two bigger stacks with just AQ.
  9. At first glance, I didn't like it at all.. but his range of hands is so wide and you're getting 3:1 to call... it's probably close IF you have a read that he's probably on a draw. If he has 2nd or 3rd pair, or any PP <TT.... you're a bit more than 3:1 to hit a J or A. Of course if he hit the Q... you're in horrible shape.I really don't know. Even without a read I figure it's a borderline situation... I think there's a huge possibility he has the fd here. I don't think personally I could call, but if you have a strong read I'd go for it.
  10. 1) Raise more on the flop. You're giving him 400 to call in a pot of 1200. I'd probably up it to about 900 - 1000. 2) He seems like a typical bad 4.40 player. Bets 400 into a pot of 1600, then calls a raise upto 1600. This could either be a flush draw, or maybe something goofy like one pair.3) I really can't say without reads. If you have none, I'd probably call. I'm guessing he had something like K 7 and hit two pair. There's also the chance he had a flush draw and completed (I've seen bad players play it similarly, check and call raises with bad odds) but ur given better than 3:1. Definite c
  11. What's his stack like? If you are going to bet on the turn, I'd shove here. There's no point in committing almost half your remaining stack and then folding: shovel or check behind.And I definitely raise the flop. You have top pair, and as you mentioned, its likely he has 2nd or 3rd pair, so definitely raise. There's too many draws out there.
  12. This really looks like TPWK by some clueless player. He minraises the flop and underbets the turn. I really am lead to believe this is more of a donkey play then a slowplay or value bet. It's possible its a straight, 2P or trips, but I'm calling down here everytime. I've seen this kind of betting at the lower limits too much with just first or second pair.
  13. Actually this is sort of a spin off question that's really asking something completely different: You have a nut flush draw, there's four people in, and you suspect two of them are on draws, one of them has TPTK or something. Do you account for this in pot odds when calling a bet? Theoretically you should right? I guess it balances out by implied odds since when you hit your flush, you suspect you'll get a massive pot since two other people would hit their draws as well. And in response to OP: You don't know what those muck cards are: Theoretically any card in the muck pile has as much a chanc
  14. You got your money in as mroe than a 3:1 favourite... this is probably one of the best situations you can ask for so really... BBFIDTS lol. An argument can be made for raising all in pf.. I personally call. But this hand played out perfect, you just got unlucky. If your asking whether I'd rather chip up 6k, or 75:25 chip up 27k....1*(6k) = 6k0.75(27k)+0.25(-27k)=13.5k.There you go.
  15. ASSUMING he calls off his chips 100% time if we hit the flush on the turn:We're calling 102500 to win ~600000....... 6:1 oddsChances we hit the flush on the turn.......5:1 oddsSo roughly... if you are ~85% sure he's going broke when the flush hits the turn, this is a break-even call. I personally think its much less than that and thats why I fold. (I know, I didn't include the possibility he slows down on the turn and we have two streets to hit the flush) We're running this table over, we have a huge lead: we can find better spots than this. The implied odds aren't nearly enough considering th
  16. Unless you're valuebetting the river, always bet at least half the pot (in small stakes poker, and for most general cases I believe as well). As played, I fold. I probably stop betting on the turn. And I would have raise to .20/.25 PF.
  17. I fold. You're not getting the odds to call here nor the implied odds since the stacks are small compared to the size of the bet. I don't like raising here either just because I think a pocket pair makes up a large chunk of his range. I would probably fold preflop here as well considering his tight image.
  18. I shovel here everytime. Looks like he's making a move and putting you on overcards or something.
  19. Standard. Based on range I put him on pf...Hands that beat you and call: 99 77Hands that you beat and call: 10 - KK, A9 (Edit: I'll admit that the JJ - KK are more unlikely based on the fact that I would expect a reraise. However I've seen people flat call with these hands before)Hands that you beat and might call: AhKh, AhJh, AhTh, KhJhAnd you price any draws out.Shovel turn.
  20. ICM is a tool to be used. The calculator in this case is a fairly accurate indicator of what decision we should make, since poker is a game of decisions based on limited information and assumptions. To say we shouldn't rely on the calculator because our own assumptions are infallible doesn't make sense since we'd be calling or folding based on our own assumptions anyways. I think the one thing ICM does not take into consideration is our advantage over the remaining players, which in turn effect whether it is correct to call or fold based on a small $EV advantage.By the way, monix you did not i
  21. I think that range includes a lot of hands that realistically wouldn't have called preflop. Unless he's really an ultra loose player.
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