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  1. 3rd hand on table.1/.25 10-handedUTG+1 [hero] $24.50 AcQhMP1 [villian] $42.36preflopfold, hero raises to .75, fold, MP1 calls, MP2 calls, folds aroundflop Qs5c6shero bets 1.75, MP1 calls, MP2 foldsturn 10shero bets 4, MP1 callsriver 7dHero?
  2. soo if we bet 400-ish.. and get called.. what about river? if we get raised..?
  3. hero - SB 2.05k villian - MP 2.125k$8+.8 SNGblinds 15/307 players leftpre flopMP calls, hero raises to 150, BB folds, MP callsflop :D hero bets 250, MP callsturn Hero?[edit]no reads.. was testing out multitabling.. =X haha
  4. well this is just one orbit into the session.. so i had no real reads on those two bc the majority of the hands were bet and take it on the flop..if i c/r the flop.. how much are we talking about it? would that essentially commit us to the hand if we do?
  5. well this is just one orbit into the session.. so i had no real reads on those two bc the majority of the hands were bet and take it on the flop..if i c/r the flop.. how much are we talking about it? would that essentially commit us to the hand if we do?
  6. .1/.25 NL 9-handedUTG [Hero] $26.15 MP $27.79BB $23.25PFHero raises to $1.15, MP re-raise to $2.05, BB calls, Hero callsFlop :D BB checks, Hero bets $4.1, MP calls, BB callsTurn BB checks, Hero?PF, flop played right? how much should i bet on turn? shove? any reads on what others could play with?
  7. « Prev Hand | Next Hand » Game Type Hold'Em Play Mode Real Structure NL Cutoff - 1kHero [button] - 2.1k A Q SB - 2.2kBB - 9.5kBlinds 75/150Pre-Flop: CO folds, Hero raises to 420, SB folds, BB callsFlop: Q 9 2 BB pushes all in, Hero?Should be auto call right despite CO having less than 7BBs? CO has been very passive and easily readable. Goal for me is to make money right now and build bankroll, not shooting for wins, which is very amateur but bankroll is biggest concern right now.
  8. wow.. been a long time since i posted.. let alone played.. if i didnt format this right.. or made a donk move.. let me know.. dont hold back either.. 1/2 NL, $100 buy-inHero (BB) : $320ish [ ]MP1: $280ish MP2: $100ishReads: None really on MP1, MP2. MP2 doubled up 2nd hand when his KK bested JJ on a preflop all-in. MP1 and MP2 have been in for about 2 rotations.Pre-flop: MP1 pretty much min-raise to 5, MP2 calls, folded around to me, SB calls, I call.Flop: SB bets 5, I raise to 20, MP1 raises to 50, MP2 raises all-in, SB folds, Hero?Thoughts: Well, I strongly felt was behind with the ac
  9. i totally agree with you and flix and fck on that.. because in hindsight.. a min raise in a full ring game doesnt tell me much.. and the fact that he was on the button led me to believe he had a marginal but playable hand.. pushing preflop actually ran through my mind.. but since i felt i didnt have a good read on anyone since i just got there.. i thought i would just take my chances and see a flop.. [which now i think after reading the posts is to take my chances w/ a-k suited and hope for the best]as for the flop.. doing a min raise after he bet small was a total donk move on my part.. as i
  10. 1/2 NL live.. 9 handed.. bought in with 100.. 2nd hand.. bad beat.. down to 60.. now im UTG +2 with A K .. raise it to 8.. folds around to button.. big stack at table with about 180.. no read at all.. raises to 16.. blinds fold and i call..HU on the flop.. A 6 2 i check.. and he bets 6.. i re-raise to 12 with the intention of making it seem like i want a call and hoping he would fold because of it [which in hindsight i think is a total donk move].. and he reraises me all in..couple questions.. why would he bet small on the flop? was he trying to suck me in since he flopped the flush? cou
  11. im just throwin questions out there.. dont really believe in c/f at all on the turn.. although i do feel that with two people out there.. i had to be behind somehow with such a small bet.. i think i would have been way better off if i bet the pot at the flop.. just to see if anyone would play back at me.. but at the time i wasnt thinkin straight and wanted to see the turn for cheap to see if i could boat up.. in hindsight i feel donkish as i always do when im confused..
  12. maybe a little more PF would have been nice (1600-2000?)on the flop.. if you were going to raise that much.. you might as well push everything in and hope for the best..
  13. id fold.. there has to be better spots for us to make chips.. and this isnt one of them..
  14. i wouldnt recommend pushing this PF, esp UTG..as the flop.. i like a decent bet (2/3-pot).. and if we get raised on the flop.. then push.. good odds for someone relatively short stacked..
  15. $11+$1 (real money), hand #583,141,940 San Diego Single Table Tournament, 8 Jun 2006 Seat 1: ladmatt ($365 in chips) Seat 2: thenamezjohn [6D,9H] ($2,850 in chips) Seat 3: ckm68 ($2,350 in chips) Seat 5: highimpact45 ($1,155 in chips) Seat 6: Bech31 ($2,340 in chips) Seat 7: PresidentK ($1,450 in chips) Seat 8: jazzzy24 ($1,470 in chips) Seat 9: MYRRL ($1,650 in chips) Seat 10: yoda217 ($1,370 in chips) ANTES/BLINDSthenamezjohn posts blind ($15), ckm68 posts blind ($30).PRE-FLOPhighimpact45 folds, Bech31 folds, PresidentK calls $30, jazzzy24 calls $30, MYRRL folds, yoda217 folds, lad
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