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  1. You have a open mind. You state that you not one of the old players and you ask if the idea where know back then. You get the answer and still don't belive it. Ya the new internet player have created "all the different angles" and "makes the games infinately tougher". But if you still like a game us old time playe will let you teach us a new trick or two.
  2. You realy want to know the answer. yes it was a concept back then, it was just call somthing else. Some concept have been discovered and that had been great but just becouse you have new lingo mean you thing you have invented it. You are just being close-minded.
  3. I agree somewhat. Time in each level is a part but also how much they jump at each level, stack size is another part. The biggert is how much the fee vs prize pool is.
  4. congrats Kurt, can you buy and sell those seats
  5. I am willing to take action on which one will apear more often
  6. I have to agree and they think like they know it all. The sound like idiots even when they get to see all the cards.
  7. what ep is it the link is not working for me
  8. THH will beat THT, I don't what you to take a bet where you are giving up that kind of edge to me. I just wanted work out the math to this bet. So I would say for you not to take the bet, look it over.
  9. I am trying to PM you but your box is full.
  10. I take HTT and give you HHT and I give you .3% bounus (.003) when you win.
  11. That artical is not entirely correct
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