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  1. I play both the same way. The second one is indeed an autocall. I also don't mind check raising on the second hand. Allows you to possibly see a free card with your draw and get a bet out of your opponent when he bet folds. You should almost always play big draws fast unless you have a specific read it allows you to collect chips when you can make your opponent fold along with the fact that you are usually flipping when your opponent doesn't fold.
  2. Still a period of very divided government. I wasn't paying attention then but forgive me if I don't take your word for it. The Republicans also never held the Presidency during that time. 2004 is a much better comparison than the early 1990s.
  3. Seriously? This is your response? You must know the difference between popular opinion and your opinion.
  4. Studies have been done on the issue and they have found networks to have a ratings bias. The Republican Revolution isn't really a good thing to look at because 9/11 greatly affected the media coverage. So the 2002 election is pretty much unusable as evidence on way or the other. The 2004 elections, the media seemed pretty balanced. Both candidates weren't the greatest and heavily criticized in the media. Kerry was ripped apart a far bit in the media for being a stiff and phony. Bush for being stupid. This time no negative about Obama resonated at all with the people, but people really r
  5. Getting back to the OP, the media has a ratings bias not a liberal bias. Guess who is popular among viewers right now? Obama. Obama's narrative is very popular right now, so the media is going to cover him and cover him in a positive light. Conservatives are always harping about the free market and how it works but seem oblivious to the fact that the media is looking to promote its ratings not a liberal agenda. A fact that should be blatantly obvious. I will agree the media had an Obama bias but it was a reflection of the country's Obama bias.Generally, turnout was not what it was suppos
  6. I'd raise to 700 and fold to a reraise. It's not necessarily for value but more of a semi-bluff. It's important in tournaments to remain active in picking up pots and to stay aggressive. This is a good spot to do that.
  7. Josh Arieh = sickFull Tilt Poker Game #7599724024: FTOPS Event #10 (54565079), Table 67 - 2500/5000 Ante 600 - No Limit Hold'em - 0:49:01 ET - 2008/08/11 (partial)JackQKA raises to 15,000Josh Arieh has 15 seconds left to actJosh Arieh has requested TIMEJosh Arieh calls 10,000*** FLOP *** [5h 8c As]JackQKA has 15 seconds left to actJackQKA bets 19,000Josh Arieh has 15 seconds left to actJosh Arieh calls 19,000*** TURN *** [5h 8c As] [6c]JackQKA has 15 seconds left to actJackQKA bets 33,000Josh Arieh has 15 seconds left to actJosh Arieh calls 33,000*** RIVER *** [5h 8c As 6c] [Kh]JackQKA has 15
  8. I probably check the turn. No need to make the pot big with such a marginal hand.
  9. How you ever do that to another person I'll never know. I may be hammered, but seriously wtf?
  10. It's on Vh1's website and youtube. And it really rocks all the way through.
  11. Only thing in his range that is beating you is QQ. Put him in.
  12. Yeah "every breath you take" was what I thought too.
  13. Tables are extra juicy tonight. Should go out drinking but I'm winning too much.
  14. He's good at explaining his reasoning but he definitely doesn't know the ins and outs of online poker. Looks like he's trying his life tricks, that are more suited to passive players and lesser players in general.
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