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  1. Bush first flew to Barksdale then to Offut on 9/11... 100% sure
  2. Sorry to hear about your situation dude, Get well soon
  3. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports Police are investigating a murder-suicide
  4. mmmm good stuff, just stay away from the kid on a bicycle sayin, "Balut for sale" LOL....Pancit Bijon, great meal after a long nite of partying
  5. Epic? LMAO! That was weak. Don't give up the day job dude.
  6. K.I.S.S. just play Poker, unless you're writing a book or something along those linesedit; Just took a look at your blog, I understand your take now. good luck
  7. neblon

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    What exactly is "jeolous"?
  8. any comments Daniel? you seem to be MIA on this subject
  9. I spent alot of the late 80's and early 90's coming to Memphis and playin alot of late night sessions at the Rack. Is it still there? Right around the same time "splash" casino opened up (the first casino). Are you familiar with ally oop? It's a wonder Keith is still alive if you know what I mean.
  10. Maybe its becaused he shaved?
  11. HAHAHAHA........................NO.... its a freeroll. Why play if you cant make the tournament on Sat? So you can sell it? HAHA get real
  12. LMAO at the fan boys crying cause they cant play, hahahah
  13. It is true, He played in the WSOP 2005 and was in the money in at least one event. Great name.
  14. Your attempt at humor was weak to say the least
  15. TP/MM is a statement not a question and its getting old.
  16. Aren't you the guy giving out bad sports betting advice last night and now you call him the "donk".How ironic.
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