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  1. Works fine...I've been using epassporte for over a year and a half now...they are getting bogged down lately(meaning problems requiring customer service assistance may take weeks)... with all the new customers after neteller pulled out of the U.S. market.
  2. Actually I called ePassporte and it was something to do with a fraud prevention block for a whole series of cards beginning with certain numbers...even though I had used my card numerous times, it got blocked also. They had to manually create a ticket to remove the hold for my specific card. ePassporte is fine and running and serving U.S. customers.
  3. I've used ePassporte for the past year or so but haven't used it for the past few months and I just tried to use my credit card to load funds but was not able to...I'm thinking this is a technical issue with ePassporte as their phone lines are also down...anyone else experiencing the same problem??
  4. I called...got thru to a staff member of the Senator Boxer of California. I said that I was a voter in California and I wanted to express my opinion that online poker should not be banned. Staff member would forward my thoughts...hope this phone march has a positive impact for online poker.
  5. I didn't see the ESPN feature but I've read some of DN's blogs about Matt. Wish you and your family the best and it would be cool to see DN give Matt a few poker tips and see Little Matt win a tournament...Keep making positive impacts on people's lives DN
  6. How about this site that I ran across before I started playing online...I never took them up on their offer but I almost did...would I have been scammed? pokerinside.com is their address...anyone have info?
  7. I'm not a legal expert and have not done extensive research into the legal aspects of this case, but I have one question for DN that many others have brought up or mentioned I believe...if the WPT does not intend to profit or use the likenesses of any players that play in WPT events, then why don't they change the release? Is it absolutely necessary for the purposes of the show? DN, or anyone else for that matter with accurate knowledge of this matter, could u clarify?
  8. Just a headsup for all u FCPers, looks like Phil Ivey might be on the Circuit finally today's show...
  9. Nice post...Good luck in ur quest for a bracelet. I bet they show the JJ vs AK hand on tv, not the QJ hand...
  10. Your AA hand, why did you reraise from 650 to 1500, why not more? Your thinking?? Especially if you say that Young Gun is a very good player IYO and that he would put you on AA...???
  11. Tough way to go out...see u there next year
  12. Harry D. and DN,Bravo as always for speaking up for what you guys believe is wrong. Too many people usually just sit around or watch as things unfair or wrong take place. I've never been to the WSOP yet but I had intentions of going next year...hope you guys can get some better treatment for players(customers) that the big business poker world seems to be forgetting now.
  13. DN is a world class poker player and contributes positively to the growth and promotion of poker. He seems to have the respect of almost all poker professionals. It can even be read or heard all the time where poker pros say that Daniel Negreanu winning the WSOP Main Event would be very positive for the growth and promotion of the game. This forum is interesting because of DN's contributions and insights into the game and other aspects of the poker world in general.
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