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  1. even money $50 on full tilt and you have a bet
  2. Too late for you, champ!!! You coulda been somebody, you coulda had class. Join the communist party of Osama Obama comrade. there is still Time!!!
  3. BenSavage


    I love pickle juice!!! I know pickle juice, Senator. Your Christ is no pickle juice!!!
  4. Enjoy the sweet taste of a Bronze Age zombie, that is the only way to get to Heaven!!! mmm mmm good!!!
  5. Why don't you, man!?! Plastics!!!
  6. Because God clearly stated thru his WORD!!! that the only way to heaven was through Jesus. Closed book.Jesus came to save the world, not to be nuanced!!!
  7. God makes eyes!!! God makes all, comrade!!! IF NO GOD WHy SUNSHINE? Tell me that smarty liburals? HUH? Why is Clay Aiken gay, he choose that why!!! It's a chooce God does not make dirt gay, he make stright gay only dirt is from god, dirt is good. How wuld we live without God!?! We'd be feltching dogs and eating each other, comrade Romero showed this, Satan!
  8. All hail to Rush and Hannity, comrade!!! They will save us after the humosexuals force us into painful but slightly exciting buttsects!!!
  9. Osama is a Muslim Christian hybrid! He is the antrchrist He will force us all into humosexual marriages. I ain't marrin no hairy assed ape, no sir!!!
  10. Your tears nourish me!!! May they flood the streets on Tuesday night!!! Comrade!!!
  11. We let the gets do the POT? What next we marry dogs? You on drugs!!!
  12. Join the socialist/communist/liberal faggotry revolution!!!
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