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  1. I feel like an idiot, but I'm on like 3 hours of sleep. Lock it up.
  2. Why must someone accept Jesus in order to go to Heaven? In a world where humans lie and sin is there something wrong with wanting proof of his existence through God or Jesus himself? If Jesus came to Earth to prove the existence of God why won't he come down again to help the nonbelievers believe?
  3. Discuss.Edit: How do I change the title? I feel like an idiot.
  4. Despite losing the series to the O's and the first game against Anaheim I am very optimistic about this team. The deals made in the past week, especially the Pirates deal where we got Nady and Marte for hardly nothing were great. I'm also pleased that Manny is no longer part of the Red Sox. You can pretty much take it to the bank that Jason Bay will not be hitting like .500 against the Yankees. I do not think that the Red Sox will make the playoffs anymore.
  5. When are they doing the Final Table?
  6. When was the last time this team lost a series to the Rangers? I hate to say it, but this team could really benefit from adding Bonds.
  7. I was happy. I want these kids up. Cox, Melancon, Robertson, and Aceves are all doing well in AA and AAA.
  8. Ok, I'm back. Hopefully the Yanks don't get swept by the Reds.
  9. I think it's time we kick Farnsworth off the team and bring up some of our talent in the minors. Hawkins was a horrible signing as well.
  10. I don't think he can vote. I would think he would vote for Ron Paul if he could vote. Based on one of his blogs DN is a fiscal conservative. Plus Ron Paul wants to legalize online poker.
  11. I'm just curious to see who fellow FCPers are leaning towards.
  12. He might get the majority of the poker vote.
  13. I wonder if Ron Paul was invited on this post-debate show. The question towards Ron Paul about his supporters shows that Fox News might not be so fair and balanced. The issue about Ron Paul believing that 9/11 was a conspiracy has been brought up over and over again and the answer is still no.
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