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  1. I agree and feel better for starting the so called "worst thread ever on this site" Even though I didn't come across what i wanted, You guys sorted it out and I got a good feeling on the subject...Thanks
  2. You can bring as much as you want into the US, but just have to declare anything over 10k.
  3. Good point and i was going to bring it up and should of used the example of say 3/6 limit to 1/2 nlI'm not a high stakes player, but find myself comfortable up to $1/2nl but have felt comfortable up to $4/8 limit even though i play 20 times more NL
  4. Thanks,I might take you up on that. Will have to get with it and finally get AIM or MSN though :)I'm no stranger to limit but it has been quite a while. I have won some limit tournies, but really get bored with limit tournies. I do like limit cash games though. Heck, I started with Limit well before the boom hit.
  5. And even worse now But true. Not one of my better thought out late night forum threads
  6. I agree with Nl being more profitable. I have played nl 90% of the time over the last 5 years.Guess just watching some really fishy 30/60 games made me think If i'm missing something Still think it might be fun to sayPlay 40-80 hours each of limit, nl and plo and just compare some numbers..i know very small sample, but would be nice to see for myself.
  7. I aggree and it's logical to me, but some people swear that limit is the way to go and was hoping to get some input by them.you see more hands and probably get more rakeback in the long run too, too help equal them out.
  8. It's kinda a hard comparison i guess, but just talking about the normal average player. Say a good player at 3/6 limit with the same amount of time (not hands) played versus the good $3/6 nl player. who do you think makes more over the long haul??
  9. With everything considered, which game do you think is the most profitable for the good player.I'm talking when you include hands per hour, bonuses/rakeback and level of play.I'm thinking about concentrating on limit for about a month and come up with my own conclussion but thought i would throw it out there for some debate from good players in both games.I have played NL for far too long and don't even know if i can win at limit for a month but after watching 30/60 for awhile, It does seem pretty soft and good hands get payed off (when you don't get sucked out on)
  10. How many tables do they have there. Always wanted to go. How does it compare to Vegas cardrooms?
  11. First time posting on this site in 2007, so why not bump this thread Don't anyone welcome me back or anything, cuz i will probably just post for a week and then disappear for another year
  12. I was really looking forward to a 4 day weekend for some poker.Got off work and started playing Nl cash on UB..Ran KK inot AA 3 times within an hour...One time be QQ i'm against...lolgo over to bodog and start with NL cash...3rd hand get 10-10 in the c/o raised in front of me i raise sb goes all-in 2 callers... i muck they have A-8, 99, KQ99 goes all-in on an 8 high flop.....freaking huge pot but don't have enough info to call there. Everything say's at least 1 or 2 have me crushed, and really think the 3 KK hands played into my head anyway :)then to top it off. have 2-5 suited in the BB..bunc
  13. ok, back from work and this is just a subject that can be debated till blue in the face. I'm sticking to my opinion until I see proof.I always love when this debate comes up, that even though no one has said pokerstars is doing anything on purpose, people still have to say we are saying the site is rigged. In no way do i believe this, as they make so much money regardless that they don't have to rig it.But just think they have a flawed RNG. I'm not some newbie that has played a little poker. I have played Hold'em for 15+ years (way before it was popular) and will put my bad beats against anyon
  14. suggesting that it is not possible for the RNG to be as random as it could be is kinda of sad as well .never said ps is trying, but i really do believe in what i say about it not being that random. I have to go to work now but will continue when i get off.
  15. you know how stupid you sound by not reading posts. don't see anyone saying they are the only one get bad beats, just alot of people who see way too many beats period on that site.I go away from this site for a few months, but it's the same person who responds right away after a post of mine calling people stupid...some things never change
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