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  1. Accoding to Daniel's twitter, they pay each other in beans.
  2. Just the bracelet. Pros don't play for the money.
  3. Yeah, the thing being brought up was that Daniel wrote an article saying Small Ball wasn't the way to play deep stacks. We were talking about how it is a great tool to use in tournaments, not cash games. You want to steal the blinds and antes in tournaments and small ball is the way to do it without risking too much of your stack.
  4. You are 100% correct sir. Guys watch the Small Ball vids without ever looking at the beginner vids and then get upset because they don't know what to do postflop. That's why you can't say Small Ball doesn't work when you don't know what it is in the first place. It's not as simple as having AQ on the button and making a 2.5 bet, hitting the queen and moving all in. Guys do that all the time, go broke and then say that they tried it but it doesn't work. I'm actually glad that it seems only a few really understand small ball. If they trully learn it, they will be better players faster beca
  5. I think that your question was that small ballers can't win tournaments. "U cannot a win tournaments with a small ball strategy, "This article is talking about deep stack cash games."In a deep-stack cash game, however, that type of bet just wouldn't be big enough to have any chance at stealing blinds and antes." The point of small ball is not getting involved in large pots with marginal hands. It teaches the beginner not to shove all in with top pair on a bad board. Patience.
  6. Wuzup Kid?! Long time no see.The main thing here is the word "Understand". That is the problem. People don't give it a real chance and really don't know when they are playing someone that understands Small Ball. Small Ball for me wasn't really that hard to learn, but if you don't have patience and discipline you'll never fully understand grasp the concept and just give up without really playing it properly.
  7. That poor guy is insane. I think my dog just went deaf. Best comment was about what he should do with the harmonica.Yes, that guy is serious. When I was in the music business we had a guy actually audition with 'Amazing Grace' and sang a song he wrote right after it that had the words "Wif two big ball up agin her chin" right after it.
  8. I'm trying to be easy on myself. If you'd seen how much of a donk I was when I went from chip leader in the 6 man WSOP event , to the rail in 30 minutes and an hour from the money, I should call myself a complete idiot and quit poker all together. I am still a complete newbie that can only play live daily tournaments. Still learning the switching gears thing for larger tournaments.As far as not being able to win tournaments with it, I disagree. People put small ball in a general subject line as though it's just small raises and fold.You're question was can new players find success with it.
  9. Small ball is the greatest thing a new player can try. You have to remember that Daniel teaches to play only certain hands in certain spots, so therefore you are learning to be patient and only play those hands. It gets you away from playing j-9 suited UTG just because it's your favorite hand. As far as the aces, it really matters on the size of the pot. The way I understood it from Daniel, was that say I have AA on the button and had a caller in early position. If he makes the call and on the flop he bets or even better check raises, I can fold the hand if the pot is out of control. Bef
  10. A heart draw, if you're playing Daniel.(sorry bro)
  11. How many accounts does Hellmouth have?Was this another long joke thread?
  12. It's time for Phil to take his final wave from the old course bridge.His day in the light is dimming and he knows he has to do all he can before the real Phil of poker breaks his records. He knows that soon he'll be sitting at the table with old nits like me, showing us his tarnished bracelets and telling us how great he was.Alas poor Phil get's his final punches in.Think about it. When was the last time we read a smart thing he said about poker?The only time he can make the news is when he blows up, tells a winning player he sucks, or wrecks a car.Let him have his fleeting moment. He deserve
  13. Yeah, pokernews twitter said that he was fighting back tears as he told that he kept fighting back. His mother is a fighter and he is too. Pretty emotional at the time I'm sure.Despite how anyone feels about him, he's done an amazing feat this year in the WSOP.
  14. It depends on what college he goes to.Might want to stand out in speedos with the carwash sign.
  15. First, everyone is 100% correct to tell you to admit it to your dad. He may not have the money, but he might have an idea on how to get a loan. You need to brainstorm to find out where you can raise the money quick. Ebay, garage sale, tutor some other students (not in poker) whatever you can get some quick cash. The carwash was actually a good idea. Stand outside with a sign saying "Put a sucker through College!" or "Will work for College Funding!". Gotta get creative my friend. If you really want to learn how to play, I would offer this advice and it's all free. Watch players like B
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