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  1. I havent posted in months... but cappy, that was a great post that puts things into perspective.We have to try to rekindle what was once fun about the game and remember that we still love to PLAY. Find it again
  2. Thats cool but it does nothing for 99.99% of us....yet
  3. When stacks are 100 bbs deep is it profitable to float? lets assume the action pre flop is hero pots then bb or small blind repots. Hero calls, villian c-bets close to pot. plug in whatever variables you would like to talk about
  4. That movie is one of the most authentic gun fighting movies EVER. They actually reload after they empty their clips. My brother is a marine rifile instructor and used this movie as well as Heat as an intructional video for combat instruction. Good shiit
  5. The problem with 4 betting QQ here is that we lose significant value from hands that we have crushed and may fold to a 4 bet like 77-TT. JJ is likely coming along for the ride, AA, KK, AK arent going anywhere. Maybe at .25-50 players are stacking off with 88 here all the time but i doubt it. If you decide to flat call then folding to one bet if a K falls is out of the question IMO.If an Ace falls I often will consider reraising a c-bet on the flop because he is more likely to be holding a pocket pair than AK, AQ.By flat calling your giving your opponent a chance to stack off with 99 on xxx boa
  6. link? yeah, i guess i forgot to mention he dates a hot 33 year old
  7. http://www.cardrunners.com/fusetalk/blog/index.cfm?forumid=25
  8. also known as muckemsayuhh on full tilt
  9. Sooo, i was just checking his blog to see how hes doing in the main event (on the off chance he updated it because he hasnt in a month). As im reading it says "cant wait till next year so i can play in the main event". Turns out he just turned 20 in june! Im dumbfounded This kid is unbelievably good. Scary good, and hes 20. Im going to quit poker and drive a sword through my stomach. He destroys the highest stakes online, drives a bently, and did i mention he cant even legally gamble?
  10. I miss neteller and party
  11. I disagree. I say wait it out. If he doesnt come back in 5, blind him out and ship him his buy in minus your entry fee. Its just the right thing to do
  12. what kind of meds? If i drink heavily on them will it increase their effects?
  13. where do you live? If you live in CO i will give you 2k cash
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