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  1. I have had people flame me, tell me Im wrong, curse me, say im an idiot and many other things that let me know I was being dumb, but I really dont know what to make of it when my thread is turned into two pages of people sharing dinner plans and recipes...It kind of like going to ticketmaster to buy concert tickets but instead of giving you the concert tickets the teller gives you a grapefruit and asks if you would like fries with that...you're left wondering if you should be insulted, if the person is trying to tell you something in secret code, or if they are just an all out whack job...In s
  2. I realize that I may have gone off a bit, but what is with all of the whats for dinner posts?
  3. Ok so aparently I was living under a rock for the past month as I havent made a neteller deposit since before Christmas, but I guess they dont allow you to put money on PStars anymore. Ive been trying to find a way to play by searching the forums for alternatives, but I must not be looking in the right place.So....What the hell am I supposed to do now? Do I have to go through some elaborate series of leg work in order to put $25 onto Pokerstars now or is there another way to just remove the money from my checking account? Now I will rant:I hate the government and it makes me sick that they
  4. YOU'RE WRONG!!!It was a .10 and .25 blinds table. It cost me a whopping quarter to see a flop. You probably think you have to have the best hand to even play a flop. Was it you who was yelling at me?I limped in, I didnt know I had to have a hand to limp in. If anyone raises I fold pre-flop. Check your numbers again I was at no time 5:1 to make my hand. THERE WAS NEVER A RAISE BEFORE THE FLOP. You know how much harder it is for someone to put you on any hand after you call pre-flop with a 10-5 off suit and show it down? You know how hard it is for anyone to put you on a 10-5 off suit? Ch
  5. I was playin at a pot limit cash table on PStars and decided to call from the cut off with a 10-5 off suit. Id been playing for a while and hadnt really shown a hand and was playin kinda tight. The button, sb and bb all call/check and we go to the flop. The flop comes K-Q-J rainbow. The bb bets the size of the pot and since I was up a little I figured why not? The sb folded and the Button called. The turn was a 5 so now I got an up and down and a pair. Well the BB bet a little above his last bet, so getting about 5-1 on my money with two fives 4 aces and 4 9s I obviously have the right
  6. OK so I know that Andy Bloch is one of the characters in the book, so my question is which one was he...hes obviously not asian so my guess was that he is Andrew Tay, because of the poker stuff. However he seems kinda nerdy so I dont see him being a former high school superstar athlete...Anyone know for sure?
  7. Ok so I have noticed a few times that people will start at the bottom of a qualifier and then offer to sell their seat for a discount if they win. So I was wondering how this exchange is made and how easy it is to get rid of the seats? (Where to go and whatnot) Does anyone do this for some decent profit anywhere?What site would be best to do this on?Chad
  8. Personally Id a said "Yeah I know your moms dead I dug her up and humped her lifeless body last night..."Poker is not a touchy feely kinda game. In no way is typing out the guys bet an a-hole move. I hate people who think its their job to monitor what they think is proper ettiquite at a poker table. IMO- 1)Dont BLUFF a dry side pot.2)Dont start an insult war, but feel free to finish it.3)Dont purposely start firing at every pot because the buy in is small while using the line "gotta go"Other than that its all fair game, duping someone into calling off their chips is how you win...your oppon
  9. I just threw up in my mouth...side note if you could take one swing with a baseball bat would you hit Clay Aiken or Taylor Hicks?
  10. Ok so I have been playing a few SNG's recently and doing pretty well so I will share what I have found. At these limits you just cant forcefully bully tables and hope to win. People care a lot less about the buy in at these levels so dont get too cute as it just wont work. What has been working for me is doing a lot of trapping and looking weak early to set people up later. Let someone else at the table do all the pushing and when you dont have a hand dont try anything funny and let the guy take his small pots. You can usually sit at a table and pick out who to get your chips from after a
  11. He duped you...thats all no more no less. Try not to over think it.Chad
  12. See there is so much you have left out...(i.e. the size of your stack, the size of the pot, etc.) But here is my opinion. You are 4-1 to make THE NUT hand. If you are getting 2-1 on your money you must be either calculating it wrong or are facing a small pot. With three to the flop thats at least 3 BB. If you lead out the min and they raise the min with a call then you may be looking at 2-1 pot odds. If you are having a problem trying to figure out whether or not to play in this situation...dont, just fold your cards get up from the table and find a new hobby.In any other situation you w
  13. Devin Porter was at the WPT FT in Aruba where Freddy Deeb, and two 18 year olds espescially Josh Scheim (I think that was his name) who Sexton and Van Patten kept comparing to Stu Ungar.
  14. where did you read about Chan and Brunson railing Ivey?
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