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  1. My poker game has an armed guard at it. I guess the danger is real once people find out locations.
  2. I'm sure this has been covered ad nauseam but is Jerry Yang the same Jerry Yang who founded Yahoo? Surely not.
  3. Eagle Pass, Texas. Yes, there are casinos on indian reservations in Texas. It was an absolute joke. The casino was not allowed to be the house in blackjack only to take a vig, so one of the players had to be the house. Very weird. Terrible food service and gambling. Trust me, this is the worst casino in the world.
  4. Actually, I'm a dumbass. Those are the odds for all three hitting a set on the flop. I misread the original post. Ignore previous post and carry on.
  5. I choose "a" with "d" running a close second.
  6. I come up with 1896.5 to 1 for all three to hit a set if they all have pocket pairs. This is how.1st card of flop has a 6/46 chance of being a "good" card, second has 4/45, and third has 2/44. That makes 48/91080 or 1/1897.5 or 1896.5 to 1 odds.To determine the odds before the cards are dealt you have to figure the odds of 3 pp's that aren't of the same card. that is, you can't have 2 pocket pairs of 4's. Once you figure that number out, multiply it by 1896.5 and you'll have it.
  7. First off, everyone here is an a$$ hole so don't worry about that (not that you seem to concerned about it). It sounds like you're making a good decision if poker is affecting your life and health. It all comes down to what makes you happy and if winning at online poker makes you happy, then do it, if it doesn't, move on and find another way to make an extra 10K year such as buying old houses and fixing them up or researching stocks and investing in them or starting your own business. It just comes down to what you want in life. Oh yeah, and I almost forgot....you're such an f'ing moron.
  8. I was very confused before I realized this was 8 or better.nh
  9. Shot one about a year ago. Truly a "hand cannon"
  10. If that's really what you think, then you must be teh ghey.
  11. Truth is, you learned a lesson the hard way, the same way I've learned that same lesson. The lesson is this.Never under any circumstances let the dealer take your cards until you have a pot you won in front of youI actually went to the floor with this once and everyone at the table and the guy who was given the pot attested to my cards. I was lucky but it doesn't always work that way. Simply tell the dealer politely that you would like to hold onto your cards. The only reason they take the cards in the WSOP is for the TV shot. There is no other reason to do that. Always hold onto your ca
  12. Most staking deals do. For example, if you stake someone 100% buy in you typically get 50% of the win. So in this instance for 15% of the money, you would have to put up 30% of the buyin. Of course, that is prime situation when people know you and respect your play. Since he's appealing to people who don't necessarily know him, 15% for 15% doesn't seem like a bad deal.Or maybe I'm way off. Who knows.
  13. I'll open the bidding at 20 bucks. Just to get the ball rolling and all.
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