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  1. I'm in as cdt002. down to 2100
  2. paint an extra large poker table onto a basketball court or something. use electronic screens to show each player their hole cards and give them a place to type in bet amounts. each player holds a "bet-ball" and in the center of the court there is a "pot" kind of like American gladiators. when a player wants to bet, they have to go from their station to the pot and deposit the ball. this would allow players who want to limp in or discourage further action to apply 'full contact' in order to prevent bets and raises. the definition of checking is highly expanded in this version. For added f
  3. Explanation here:with more here.
  4. Noted. just checked out last couple entries in your blog also, how are the games in dm these days? I've always wanted to hit Prairie Meadows, but never have.
  5. Does anyone really believe this? It seems like Ivey has a competitive streak a mile wide. The money may not "matter" but it is how you keep score, and from what Daniel says and anyone can observe, he seems focused to the point of being almost fanatical about being the best. Great quality in a poker player, and not enough people have it in real life, which is one reason much of the world is a shitstorm. Discuss.
  6. I'm in as cdt002, anyone else? Currently at table 6-74
  7. I'd rail it, but Bodog doesn't clear the campus firewall anymore apparently. I'm goin home for break though for 3 weeks, so i might try to hit it there. Good luck to all.
  8. how is the structure in this? starting chip amount? I've been thinkin about givin the 100k a shot one of these sundays.
  9. Yeah, you've got to know someone who's got a fax machine, or works at a place that you could use one.Seriously, I mean this guy is from Iowa and he has access to a fax! No offense, I actually go to college in Sioux City.
  10. FYPslmaoi get paid to postI didn't realize the Get People to M.asturbate to Elisha Cuthbert Foundation (GPMECF) had that much funding. I know I've fallen for your devious plot.
  11. Frank: Yea, I'm cool either way, just gotta run it by Marissa...Frank: I'm MESSING with you guys.Beanie: Not funny. Not funny. Now the baby's upset.
  12. Who wrote these? Classic comedy. LMAO at Lucy:Not much is known about Lucy. She is fluent in Russian, Mandarin, Spanish, and Arabic. She has a genius I.Q. and her inability to love has made the poker table the only home she's ever known. Men fall in her wake, yet the game is her only peace. Her allegiance is to herself, but rumors constantly swirl that Lucy is training an army of topnotch international female players. Don't let her diminutive size OR her phony cheerleader costume fool you, or else you will get blindsided while she plays Full Contact.
  13. FYP. Answer your other questions-- Yes. To get charter member benefits and be affiliated with DN (and hence, cool). Yes.
  14. While pokerroom is an established site already, with unique features (mac users, no download, etc.) Does anyone think Daniel is going to carry this thing on his back and spark a big increase in users? And I wonder if there are plans to advertise this more nationally or at least have Daniel plug it. Maybe a bigger share of the online poker market could spark a few improvements in the PR software, I've noticed a fair amount of grumbling about it on the forum, and I tend to agree that it's less than stellar. Any thoughts?
  15. Nietzsche is dead.---Godactually I to agree with Nietzche, and allinbluff
  16. In the posts about this (months ago) I believe someone said that a lot of JDags frustration was due to the tourney director making him count down his chips multiple times to make sure Hoyt didn't have him covered. That would piss me off too if someone had just hit quads like that.
  17. Despite someone asking this for the 10,000th time he's still richard brodie. http://www.brodietech.com/liontales/blog.htm
  18. This isn't the dumbest thing in the world,THIS is the dumbest thing in the world.http://ap.grolier.com/cgi-bin-unauth/dated...assettype=0tdnp
  19. 2 pm as in 1 hour from now? I might be down if that's the case and I can stay awake, been up for about 26 hours and now I'm in bed watching the discovery channel.
  20. Better pullstart the hooked on phonics machine Billy Bob
  21. man where did you guys find my picture? I'd be honored to accept the title of King Krablar or fcp unofficial mascot...
  22. Bodog is the best, the pot limit oh hi is just wonderful as well.
  23. Write In vote:Akishore (1)
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