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  1. i'd say try re-reading some poker books, i've heard Harrington on hold-em is good, however i've never read it. Hell, even just going through the strat forum is good, gives you insight on how other people play hands in certain situations, and possibly gives good advice to you.And, like the other guy said, just play. If you're looking to better your live game, then play some live, at a lower limit if you haven't played in a while. Once comfortable, move up. Get your style back and start grindin it out again.hope that helped.
  2. Yes, there is a way to see instant hand history besides email (i didn't read all the posts so i don't know if anyone told you this)at the top left of the game screen, it says "previous # ......" with a number, click on that and see previous hands.yw
  3. this post was meant to bring to light the acronymns you use so often!!!c'mon, let us in on your secret language
  4. let's disperse the meaning of the many unknown by many, and unknown by few, poker acronymns:such as:ftptp/mmysapkys...etc... any more you can think of, post em.
  5. good work man, don't lose it all nutbarrin on low limit bs... but like i said, Good Job.
  6. i got so bored tonight i jumped from my usual griding .10/.25NL tables to the 1/2 NL tables on Pstars..... i've made like 120 so far...bad beat stories to come.8 busch lites deep.
  7. BTW, elear, i'm not stupid enough to risk my whole bankroll on one "stepping up in limits" "session"....i'm not on of those....pwnd
  8. I'm truly ready for any bad beats that may come my way, but i haven't had any yet. Maybe a few possible +100$ pots that i chose to stay out of, oop even though i would have won then. I think the reason i haven't gone broke yet is because 1. I havne't gotten coolered yetb. i play AA w/ a standard raise like a standard hand like KQ, in MP or something like it.w00t, go bankroll.
  9. For me, that jump was to 1/2 NL online....BOught in for $80, one table on Pstars, up and down, and now up to $160 or so after a big hand w/ AA...I find the best way to try and make a lil bit more money at a higher limit is just to play a lot of TAG and single table... cards permitting, you'll make a big of loot before leaving the table.
  10. I don't think seeing that ivey trying to make a play near the bubble and losing will justify my getting busted as a 4-1 favorite on the bubble any day. Then again, bubbling is part of poker tournaments sometimes, i've bubbled a few mtt's, and it's a crappy feeling, however, i think bubbling the final table is a worse feeling. (and then you go to grindin it out on low limits with your profits
  11. bumpi never do this, but it's kind of fun :shock:
  12. i flopped quad deuces in a home game tourney once and took down a monstrous pot of 8 chips.sweet.
  13. sure, i put in the acronymn along w/ the last word after it, but at least my response was more than one word, of some substance.+1
  14. sucks you only won $5... but, um nice work winning with the brunson? You'd maybe get some praises if you used that hand to win two WSOPME back to back... just a thoughtthx for the slap in the face demonde
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