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  1. Wow, make a post, go away for a day and WHAM! I actually never played under the rakeback that I signed up for with Jayson. After the initial e-mail I never heard from him again and so I decided I wouldn't play that account until I was sure I was going to get my rakeback. My post was out of curiousity to see if anybody else had the same experience, seems I opened a can of worms. I only posted here b/c I thought people might know something. Most of my play now is at Full Tilt and unfortunately I signed up there without rakeback. Anyway, sorry to those who did play under Jayson's rakeback and lo
  2. I understand that PP and Empire split. Are you saying that Empire doesn't have rakeback now?
  3. I signed up for rakeback on Empire through that Jason Weber guy on here. My sign up date was Sept. 19th and after numerous e-mails and some PM's through this site, I have heard nothing back. He did give me one reply early on saying he was waiting for a list from Empire but nothing since. Has anybody else had this happen when dealing with this guy? I chose him over other rakebacks because I thought he was legit and could be trusted due to his work with this site. It appears I'm wrong. I was looking to switch my PartyPoker BR to Empire and enjoy the benefits of rakeback. Any ideas? Could I still
  4. Inert, 7th place is pretty good. Congrats. Sorry I had to run out like that. My stack ran out in 6th I guess. I was playing well and had just won the Omaha HI tourney but there wasn't anything I could do, I had to leave. Anyway, good job. Maybe I'll see you in the next HORSE. I've played two and cashed both times so I'm liking them. BTW, I'm cashgarage on FTP.
  5. no neck - thanks. I'll look for the alias thing in pokertracker.allin - I'm practically overcome with your humor.
  6. I tried to search this already so please don't tell me to use search. If I already have a Party account and want to open an Empire account, do I need to make a totally different screen name? Also, if anybody knows; if I do need a new screen name, how can I get my pokertracker stats from both names to merge?
  7. I have a Dell and my girlfriend has a Dell. We've both had to send them back in for repairs a couple of times. Unfortunately, I didn't buy an extended warranty for mine and its broken again. Turned it off one night and the next day it wouldn't turn on. Nothing, just completely dead, no lights, no noise, nothing. My father has also had problems with his Dell laptop. Next one I buy won't be a Dell, that's for sure. I've been considering an emachines or a sony vaio for my next purchase.
  8. If the prize isn't enough then don't submit. Why spend a whole thread bitc.hing about it and talking about EV. Damn, its just some guy trying to have somebody send in a few ideas. If you are proficient with Photoshop it doesn't take very long at all to make 3 different logos, especially when there are set parameters for size and such like he has. I hope nobody spent a week or more working on the ones for FCP because most of the ones I saw (including the winner) weren't really all that impressive graphically or creatively. I'm sure I'm going to get ripped for saying that, but its the truth (or
  9. So does anybody know a rakeback at Pacific?
  10. Just send me a PM. I'll wait to sign up until I hear from you.
  11. You can have my referral. Is it possible to do a rakeback also?
  12. Has anybody used this for free poker books? http://globalpokerbooks.com/I was going to buy SSHE and Super System 2 but when I saw this I thought it might work out since I wanted to transfer my FTP money into a new site anyway. Any comments on Pacific?Also, if anybody would like a referral to Pacific Poker or knows of a rakeback program, I'm willing to use whoever responds first.
  13. I played at the Hard Rock in Tampa last month at the 1-2. Was going to play 2-4 but when I found out it was straight 2-2, I just stuck with 1-2. It was ridiculously loose play but it was a lot of fun. My girlfriend and I both more than doubled up in a 4.5 hour span. Just play TAG and you will be able to control the table there. People were friendly and the room was nice. It would have been great if they had 2-4 or 3-6 there but for what its got its not bad.
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