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  1. First hand home game real familiar, $10 freeze out 4 handed.500 startin chips. First hand UTG i raise w/o lookin at my cards to 6. Scrooge Mcduck right behind makes it 12, folded to me I call. FLop Qs 4c 5d. Check check. I put him on Ak or so, not a trikcy player. Turn 3h. I bet 10, Mcduck raised to 100. I squeeeeeze 3c 5h. Well mcduck only bets the nuts so I fold face up. My partner shows 3s 3d. Everyone shocked, one homie says, "Great fold!,". Maybe, but maybe not. If u know ur player, u know!! Great fold maybe, but if u know ur opponent, good things will emerge!!!!
  2. Over the last two years, i have had the worst run ever in poker. I don't give a **** what u yall say. The only way u would believe how bad my luck is, is if u sweated my cards for the last 2 years. No bad beat stories, just alot of bad players with bad cards making bad plays and getting lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I have AQ on button raise after UTG limps. Both blinds fold and UTG moves all in. Folded back to me and I actually call. I had him out chipped 3-1 but WTF was I thinking. Of course everyone knows what he had.
  4. Duke has the best outside and inside players in the nation. The best coach and have beaten Texas and Memphis. No doubt there #1
  5. If u want specifics it was in a $10 dollar tourney with 457 entries. This happened deep in the tournament and made my stack very healthy. I ended up finishing 4th.
  6. 4 limpers see a flop of 10 10 9. I have 10s 9s. Before I can even figure out how to play the guy before me moves all in. What a feeling.
  7. SnG 7 handed blinds 60/120MP moves in for 975, and Button +1 calls leaving himself with only 1000 left. I have 2800. I hate JJ in this spot figuring I'm at least racing. Maybe I think too much, thinking Button +1 could have aces or kings, and wants action. Anyways I decided to fold. MP shows KJ, Button +1 shows 88. I would of won. Comments on the play.
  8. If it is a good read and good call how can it be a bad play? Your reasoning is logical, but in that spot I was willing to gamble for the chip lead, even if I thought I was a small favorite or a slight underdog vs 77 or AQ. But again my read was the guy would push with any two random cards and I was right. Although I lost the pot, I feel it was the correct play considering the situation, I just got unlucky. That's Poker.
  9. Good luck to you, I hope you win the key pots and catch good hands in the right spots.
  10. I think the moral of the story is don't cash out. Then your bankroll would not be in jeopardy. That's my advice.
  11. What's your end game, to make the money or move up in money or are you going for first? Depending on your thinking determines how you should play it.
  12. That is a horrible play I'm sorry. The guy simply does not have enough chips for you to try to hit a lucky flop. He has put a little over 1/3 of his stack in preflop signaling he's willing to put the rest in on the flop. I think your best play if your attention is stealing, is to make the third reraise preflop. You put no pressure on him at all duirng the hand!!! You check raise the flop, but he has already put most of his chips in the middle, what do you expect him to fold?
  13. I'm a great poker player when the blinds are not uber high. I get deep in alot of poker tournies, but in the end I lose! A recent hand went like this.12 left out of 115. blinds are 250/500 50 ante, I"m button with Kh 9h. My stack is around 8000, I rasie to 1500 after it's folded to me. SB folds BB moves in, he has me covered by 1000. He's been pushing a lot lately and I decide that's his strategy. I call and he shows J 4 off suit. I said I would not post no more bad beats, so I won't. Did I play the hand correctly? When you get deep in online tournaments, does it basically come down
  14. I've made my fair share of posts in this fourm, I'd be willing to bet my last year and a half has been one of the unluckiest runs ever! My bad beats always come in a huge pot in cash game or in a big spot in a big pot in a tournament. But hey that's poker. A good to great player will take alot more beats then the mediocre player. So forget the bad beats and keep playing!! This will be last post in this fourm.
  15. The way the hand played out, you played it as well as you could have. He is calling definitely preflop, but by using the stop and go method you gave yourself a chance to win the hand on the flop even though u missed it. You still had 10 outs with 2 cards to come, even after his screaming call.
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