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  1. That said, I like the under tonight! Carolina has to try and clog things up because they arent doing it otherwise.
  2. I like Chicago and Carolina with the odds, both series could go either way (though I like Detroit slightly better, but not enough to lay the kind of odds we would have to. Based on typical 5/5.5 I like the overs in the West and the Unders in the East if they dont cost a lot in odds.
  3. It doesnt matter now that Carolina won, but we would have lost $45 if they lost.Push 50, lose 50, win $55 (not 105, 50 0f that was our money). Looking at another we we investe 150 in those 3 bets, and collected 50+105 = -145.Now that carolina won...ship it!
  4. the only thing I like here is the Ducks/Wings over
  5. I hope nobody bet the under in either game, lol. Tonight could well be a record for most goals on a semi finals night.
  6. OMG I wouldnt want to be Luongo this summer. Ian Clark is going to kick his ass. His positioning in the 3rd period was god awful
  7. Its probably going over, but its also -125, which I dont love. I could support that though.I like Pitt to win more at +135 though. Varalamov is under a lot of pressure after a pretty average game, and I think theres a good chance he's going to give up a couple of softies early, and may even get pulled.I think Vancouver will win, but -155 is pretty steep,so I wouldnt bet it.
  8. apparently not. Gonchar may play next game.
  9. That depends on where your knee is and what your path is! Dangerous but unintentional.
  10. Do you skate? He was chasing the puck and making a sharp move to the right. That puts your weight on your right foot and on your outside edge so you are leaning that direction and your knee is somewhat exposed. Its a natural skating position. If he were intentionally sticking it out to make contact his leg would have been bent far more than it is.Nothing will come out of it, no fine, no suspension. here is an intentional knee on knee at :10Look how much more bent the players leg is.
  11. Yes, youre biased. In no way did he stick out his knee, and Im between neutral and favoring the Pens.
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