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  1. Phil Ivey John Juanda Maria Ho Shaun Deeb Tom Dwan Shawn Buchanen J.P. Kelly Justin Bonomo Doc Sands David Chiu John Monnette Allen Kessler Michael Mizrachi Andrew Lichtenberger Jason Somerville
  2. Yeah, I'm a G. Smith fan. Hope he takes it down.
  3. I don't quite remember, I THINK it was on Learn from the Pro's on FSN where DN says that he is way ahead of Matusow in heads up matches. Apparently, they used to always play heads up. (Before the poker boom)
  4. Numbers say that Jamie Gold is #1Those numbers mean sh.itChip is a cash game player.Go to the commerce and you'll see that players like Gabe Thaler are great players but their "numbers" are don't reflect it.Most big names didn't even play tournaments before.
  5. Tx for having the standings up.Phew, at least my important horses are still in.Sitting in last doesn't look so bad now.Tomorrow should be lots of fun sweatin.
  6. I wouldn't mind it so much as I had Ivey losing in the quarterfinals. I think most people have Ivey going into the semi's at least. Who is over 500 at picking today? lolI'm glad I didn't bet that much. lolMy final 8 were:Antonius, JuandaGreenstein, Tuan Le, Nam Le, Chan, Ivey, BoothAs long as these guys are still in I don't mind having a bad day one. Deeper points are worth a ton.
  7. I disagree completely! Doyle is not a stupid man, he is not into all math/game theory sh.it, at that time Doyle had a huge stack and Reese had the chip lead.There weren't colluding or teaming up, when Doyle raised preflop and Chip reraised, he's basically saying/representing a huge pair. Doyle called and was sending out the message "I have a big pair too" It came a baby rainbow flop. Doyle lead out and said (in his mind to Chip) "this pot is mine" Chip knows that Doyle didn't hit that flop and wouldn't lead out with ace king. Instead of playing it sneaky (smooth call/trap) and creating a b
  8. Either way, I hate playing AK oop. I would push pre with AK. I might call with a pair, if it's a baby flop, you might win a big pot.Calling with AK in position isn't so bad.Plus, I squeeze or sandwich play is usually when you know for sure you have the worst hand preflop.
  9. Simple. Borgata and it's not even close.Trop is decent too, I only stayed for a couple hours though. Borg is dashit!Foxwoods, the place is fine but the rake is just dumb. The 2/5 game charges $10hr iirc. I was there twice. People are nice, game is soft but hard to beat the house. Higher limits aren't that bad but low limits are robbery.As most people know, the Borg drink girls are the best in AC.The Friday afternoon tourney also has great value.Good luck
  10. Pokerwire says Gus wonCardplayer says Sheiky wonWTF?edit:Pokerwire jsut corrected it. Sheiky won. Fck!
  11. Sure, for the hell of it why not? I'll take Tilly.$50 to your $70?I won't do it straight up. You interested?
  12. Hey, I'm still here man.How can I send you the picks?
  13. I don't have a Bodog account, anyone know what books are taking bets for this?
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