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  1. Back up now. Was definitely a bad time to shut it down (NFL Sunday).
  2. Oh damn, so that would explain why the old desktop icon wouldn't work either? Really appreciate the help. I searched "trouble with bodog" but that didn't come up. I guess I really picked a bad time to take a break Bodog and miss all of this critical info. Thanks again.
  3. Today I tried to open my Bodog poker program on my desktop and nothing happened when I doubled clicked. I used to play online poker at Bodog everyday but I took about a month long break (I'm not real sure about the time period but a month seems about right). I remember downloading an upgrade (or so I thought at the time) at about the time I started my hiatus. Since my Bodog icon didn't work I decided to remove the program and reinstall it. Well, when I went to bodog.com the "page cannot be displayed" screen came up, every other webpage is working, including other poker pages, but bodog is
  4. Hellmuth is such a whiney piece of ****. I really hope he just does it as an act now. I think about 100% of players make the call Shak made in the BB against Phil. I don't know how Hellmuth's wife can put up with a grown man acting like that (especially toward a woman). Again, this is a moot point if he's just putting on a show.
  5. Obviously, there is a wide range of collusion at any type of game. In B&M games for instance, two good friends go to Vegas together to have some fun and play some live poker. They both sign up for some 1-2NL and both end up getting the same table. 99.9% of the time, those two guys are going to play much softer against each other as opposed to the rest of the table. This in itself is some form of collusion, but not very serious. However, they could have made an arrangment beforehand to fold to the other's bet/raise or most serious of all, they could signal their cards to each other and
  6. But I would not feel so aloneEverybody must get stoned!
  7. I've heard of playing the "race card" before but it seems like the new thing to do is play the "military card." Don't get me wrong, I completely respect all military personnel and hope that they can get their job done safely and come home to their friends and family, and I'm sure 99.9% of FCPers agree, but I don't see much discipline or honor in using military experience to defend a poker theory. OP, you made some comments that came across as pretty absurd to poker players and you got flamed for it, it happens to the best of us, get over it and move on. Bringing the whole military thing int
  8. Purell is an absolute must at a poker table.
  9. I feel pretty confident in saying that due to your poker terminology and other things in your original post, I do not think you were playing a $2000 tourny, but a $2000 play-money tourny. However, the bad beats, however bad they may have been, are still just as discouraging since you won't be able to pick up the new Fall '07 style hat your poker site just put up for $1,000,000,000,000 in play money.
  10. I do hate it when people intentionally stall at the end of tournaments, but as far as people taking a lot of time because they have a tough decision, I don't see anything wrong with that. I guess it's pretty hard to tell a difference, but if it was clear he was just wasting time, I wouldn't have a problem calling a clock. I also don't really enjoy the players who's routine includes long pauses, long chip counts, etc... on every single hand!
  11. Luckily, I haven't had to change the way I make deposits to gambling sites since the new law was signed in. I use a Visa check card that is directly connected to my checking account (It's a midwest bank, Huntington). Charges on it come straight out of my checking account with no extra fees applied by the gambling site.
  12. Does he still write for one of the middle of the pack poker magazines? I'm positive I read an article written by him in a poker publication while I was waiting for a seat at Caesars Indiana.
  13. It was a 1-2NLHE cash game at the MGM. It's funny you guys bring up the "shouldn't his hand be dead" question because Player A asked the dealer if he could show his cards and the dealer told him that because they were heads up he could do it. However, several hands later, when we had a new dealer, Player A showed his hand again and this new dealer said he couldn't do that, heads up or not. The new dealer didn't declare the hand dead though since everyone at the table told the dealer that he was previously allowed to show his hand when heads up.
  14. I just got back from Vegas a few days ago but not without a few good memories from the poker tables. The best/worst one (depending on how you look at it) had to occur at a MGM 1-2NLHE table, and I wasn't even involved. Player A had about $500 and was pounding double Jack and Coke's (asking for triples) and was playing like your typical drunk: loose, aggressive, loud, brash. Player B had about $250 and was a quiet guy who played very tight and passive. Player A was in the BB and Player B was in late position. Player B raised it up (looking very strong) and player A called. The flop came 7
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