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  1. He pulled off a pretty sick bluff with 86 suited to gain about 500,000 chips, too.
  2. ty saged. I guess I'll wait until that instant e-check option is there for me.
  3. I don't see that option. Do you need to be at a certain level on the site for it to be available? I haven't had an auto-update done with the software, either.Edit: You're both from Canada. I'm not.F***.
  4. You were acting like a knob. The fact I said that makes me a douchebag? Why say that the OP's cheering for a massive parlay is pathetic in the middle of everyone else cheering it on? You moderate a poker forum. In my mind, that's the real pathetic thing here. Heh... I guess it is my goal to be a douchebag here.
  5. Like you're a giant vagina face with nothing to add here? What did I win? I hope it's something shiny.
  6. Shut up.You said it once. No one cared.No need to put him down. The bet has already been made.
  7. Ah, done your homework I see.No wonder most people lose at sports betting.
  8. And you don't have a clue.But that didn't need to be said. I just felt like it.
  9. That signature makes me chuckle every time.
  10. Sorry it's not pretty enough for you.Queer. On a serious note, I don't have that media player issue and I've used their site to listen plus I've been downloading them and saving them to my HD.
  11. How much do you incorporate tells into your live game?How different is the style of play between live and online tournaments?
  12. That's weird. I'm logged in right now. Eh, whatever. Good luck, horses. Hopefully you guys can do well.
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