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  1. RIP, she became 86, so she lived a full life. Sad she couldn't hold two days longer.
  2. Interesting reply. I think the though of calling was gross, but when you explain it like you do, with the flop textures, it can make sense.Anyone who calls me a liar is mentally retarded. I am playing the 750 k now, check me out. and see who got tenth in the 90 yesterday.
  3. The SB player had been re-raising a couple of times, 50% of the time he had been showing hands like pocket tens.
  4. 5 players at the table, 10 people left in the FTP 100 k + tournament, 300$ buy in, no satelites, deepstack 6 handed tournament.I consider this my blowup of the tournament, I feel I played the hand horribly. Just gonna see what you think, and it might be standard, like some people say Durrrrs push with 10 10 against Hellmuth was.Like I said, 5 players 200 ante, 1500- 3000 blinds. Fold, fold, Very aggressive player raises button to 8 k he has 80 k infront of him, SB re-raises to 20 k out of the SB which he had been doing allot the last 15 minutes, but he had been showing hands though, but never
  5. Three days ago I was on the top of the world, coming off 2 live tournament wins, 12 place finish in sunday brawl, and grinding and crushing 50 and 100$ sit & goes. But in the last two days I've lost 13 000 $ running like shit, bad BMI and eventually despair and tilt. I'm gonna take a couple of days break. Smashed my computer.
  6. This is me hugging Barack Obama, my hero since 2003, this week!
  7. I played perfect poker, but messed up a hand for a 30 k pot. Then I got sucked out on when I went all in.
  8. I have 12 k + but it really doesn't matter, it ain't a cash-game.
  9. I started to play on full tilt again yesterday, it might now have been 13, I didn't write it down, but I thought it was when I counted. Wasn't just 22$ I switched up to 33 and started at 10 since my roll was low when I started playing.
  10. My high was 10500I have 8000 now, still in.
  11. still in itlasted longer than Allen Cunningham, so can't feel too bad, no matter what happens.
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