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  1. your missing quite a few handsbut Im done!Grinder Bizzle what do you think
  2. Just a gutter/pair/I think 2 bd flush draws but one for sure. Actually almost did ship but pussied out Thats such a dry flop he will cr that with air so frequently and I don't have terrible equity if called. He admitted to me after he would bluff a ton there but actually had it that time.
  3. also whatever, i dont give a **** I hardly play these stupid things anyway. I'm gonna go to bed don't want to think anymore.(but seriously I do care you guys keep discussing this I'm curious) Some guys who are good at math like Bizzle and Cop should chime in.
  4. prob not that far off if I'm shoving for value and Allen is potting/committing a v wide range like he was. I would fold dueces and 3s not sure if thats bad but if I had no f.e. I would. (pretty sure sticking it in w dueces is bad there but im not great at math)
  5. I already said, if he pots it I'm never restealing light bc he put in 25% of his stack and he aint folding. But if he min raises things can def change. I actually think he was getting better than 3:2, i dont want to do the math now but the stack sizes were: He had 280 to start I had him slightly covered. In the hand he opened to 70, and my reshove essentially puts him ai so I think he would be getting 1.67:1. My 280shove+his 70 in middle=350 he has to call 210. I doubt you will convince me a fold will be correct at that price given the hands I will shove for value. Maybe if he min raise
  6. obv...but I really do think his spot is fairly interesting
  7. Well if hes going to raise/fold he has to min raise bc potting/folding is real bad you just put in too much of your stack. Iguess min raise folding mayyyyybe could be acceptable just bc in pot limit you need less chips to have a successful resteal stack. I could easily be wrong. I've played very few pot limit holdem tournaments in my life so maybe min-raise folding is ok. (but then you have to go into the whole theory of "oh he min raised so now I have f.e. and can resteal light" which in turn would make his fold bad etc etc)
  8. His play isn't horrible like alot of people are making it out to be...its actually a meh spot for him. He has 12ish bbs (280k at 12 24) , I'm obv not a fan of raise/folding w that stack,and not a fan of folding a suited ace on the btn there w his stack size/situation. Obviously it sucks for him once I 3 bet bc a)I'm never going to 3 bet light bc w that pot size open Allen is effectively committing himself and he knows that I know I have no f.e., so my shove is going to be purely for value 2) I'm playing very solid and not getting out of line since I was hurt badly by that blind battle w Max.
  9. I think these were the only 2 biggish showdown hands I played that weren't reported: I think blinds 10k 20k Max limps I check Q3dd flop KQ8 w 2 spades he checks I check. Turn red 2 he bets almost min like 22k I call river 3 clubs he bets 35k I make it 80k he calls and mucks.I think blinds were 8k 16:Max open limps sb, I had raised his limps the last 2 times and 3 out of 5 overall between plo and holdem, and we had been going at it in blind battles so I check Q10 half suspecting a limp rr. Flop AQ10 r he checks I bet 28kish he calls turn 9 puts bd fd out there he checks I bet 60k he snap call
  10. Thx for the support guys....hopefully I can ship the bracelet tomorrow.Most of us are bunched fairly closely in chips so one double and I'm good. There were a few spots today that I thought were pretty interesting...one hand vs Cunningham that will have me thinking for a long time. If anyone is in Vegas and wants to rail feel free to come out.
  11. does anyone in Vegas want to play golf tomorrow say around 1? pm me or call me asap before i go to bed
  12. Also reading this thread makes my head hurt....what is everyone so worked up over?
  13. dudeIt took like 15 minutes of my time to send him the pms...I estimated that the chance of this bet ever happening was <1%, but what does it hurt to try? No money was "shuffled" around btw
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