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  1. because we were suppose to take underdogs, cam originally had phil ivey, but then our other buddy refused to take anyone but negreanu, so i jumped in on cunningham...but the other two refused and stuck with their underdogs....
  2. me and 3 buddies made a bet and took 1 player each to see who could make it farther in the WSOP ME before it started...i was just wondering if anyone had info on how they were doing.....i know all 4 players were left after day 1D completed..and i know how 2 of them stand, but i can't find the other 2..are they still alive?....any info would help please....ty.Me: Allen Cunningham - 172 000 chipsScott: Daniel Negreanu - 335 000 chipsCam: Nick Schulman (TheTakeover) - ????????Brian: Brian Fidler - ????????thanks guys....
  3. word...love it..keep it up..any others?did u stay at a hostel or a hotel?shawn...i heard iceland has the hottest girls....???...
  4. hey guys,Me and two buddies are goin to europe for about 2 - 3 months at the end of september. We're 23, 23 and 25, pretty solid golfers, basically goin to travel and get shi.tfaced. Was wondering if anyone had any deadly place we must go or see? where some sick party spots are? and any good places to stay or if anyone is around there wanting to hook up and go out somewhere?We're definately hitting up Germany for Octoberfest and probably going to Ibiza for a week, but dunno what else...no plans, just going and figuring it out when we're there.any suggestions would be sweet.thanksshawn...
  5. 2 things I can tell you...I 5 table NL on a 15 inch laptop.....and i also 12 table tournies/sng's...i play one in each corner and one directly in the middle...huge overlap, but as long as you are clicking on the corners (top, not bottom) of every table to get there you'll never misclick...that is for cash..for tournies/sng's, like you state you are playing, the easiest way to do it..on pokerstars anyways...is to line up every screen in the exact same position....yes the exact same position....when this is done, multiple screens can pop up, but only one will appear at a time, once u make ur mov
  6. WOOOOOOOOT!thanks for the rail guys...will post here in a bit..gotta go to a meeting for work for union.appreciate the support..made a couple iffy calls..missed a 20 outer....but in the end i won it!2nd win for me..i've won a $50 and now the $10 rebuy (small one), 3rd time FT'ing this rebuy though.thanks boys and ladies...always great support and a turnout..wish i could share it all with ya..but i'm broke lolshawn....
  7. chip leader with 4 left.lost a flip with AJ vs 77......if i win that i have 1.4 mill to 710k to 96 k lolmissed a 20 outer lol
  8. 3rd with 6 to go..395k in chips.(for those who can't rail, or care)
  9. FT now.... 5 of 9 with 241k in chips.ps..like i don't have the best avatar on pokerstars!~hostile~
  10. sick lay down....guy raised....only guy i'm sketchy of at my table (mikeysnackb)..also don't like rosco65..he messes with my head.but i had JJ and he put in a big raise utg or utg+1..i dumped JJ, nothign involved..he had AA.i also dumped QQ (he had KK), ATd (he had JJ and was shortstacked) to him earlier.
  11. lost a flip to shortstack with KJ vs TT.then won a monster coin flip with AK vs QQ
  12. pstars $10 rebuy2nd with 15 left.~hostile~holla!shawn....
  13. congrats on the finish.if i had full tilt i'd of been railing, but stupid character players pi.ss me off so i refuse to play there.shawn...
  14. I won 10 in a row $50 HU on pokerstars....I went 15 for 16 during that run...lost a flip with AK vs 44 for the loss in match 11.shawn...
  15. i personally wouldn't call there b/c i've got basically nothing invested in the pot. That's just my personal opinion on the hand though. And I don't play tournies different based on buy in value. I play the same no matter what...if you're playing in a tourney different b/c of the value of the tourney, then you probably shouldn't be playing in that tournament to begin with.shawn...
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