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  1. Why would you want the thread locked? No one is being mean or disrespectful? Are you like one of those people who bug out over little things like a little clutter, or file a claim w/ insurance company and have car fixed for small little dents thats weird
  2. have you guys ever tried pepper jack cheese? if you haven't, you should buy some asap
  3. anyone watching the Duke-UNC game, shoul dbe a good one
  4. I just never post. Been lurkin for a while tho
  5. looking for a stake in exchange for 75% of my winnings. Jcans23-sn
  6. It's an internet poker forum. Just remember that when you are crying yourself to sleep and counting these people as your friends
  7. This guy's time has come and gone. I think everyone has had enough of the self importance
  8. "Anyway, looking for a job again today. My chest is hurting a little bit, though. I'm thinking that it might be early sign of a heart attack or something. Actually, my heart is hurting if that is even possible. I'll let you know when I get a job. I'm really trying now to get one. I've already applied at a pizza place."That's gold Jerry, gold!
  9. I'm well aware that my preflop call was a bit thin, to say the least. I like to play alot of pots, and usually do pretty well using that strategy. This hand escalated quickly, to borrow a phrase from Ron Burgundy. So i ended up shoving all in, original raiser jammed on top of me with AA, button folded and it came runner runner 4, 4, to give him 4's full and completely blank my draws.Worst part about it was that the MP1, after tanking on the decision to call my checkraise all in over 2 people, with a reraiser still to act behind him, ends up shoving his entire stack and says "i thought i had to
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