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  1. First hour of a circuit prelim event buy in 300 stacks start at 8000, 655 entries.Comments throughout appreciated.Hero has 7000ish, button barely covers.Blinds 50/100Folds to buttonButton makes it 250FoldsBB(Hero) calls 150 with KdJcPot is 550Flop is KcJs5hHero checks Button bets 500Hero raises to 1000Button callsPot is 2550Turn QcHero bets 2000Buttton callsPot is 6550River 3dHero bets 2200Button shoves for 3k or so moreHero callsI already know the raise on the flop is way small, but go ahead and tell me I screwed it up there anyway. Maybe it'll make me learn.
  2. I actually did shove the flop and a player I think generally plays good thought I should have checked. My thoughts were that its more important to get the chips now than to worry about knocking someone out especially early in a largeish field.I thought that if I could get it down to just the all in and I that I had a great chance to increase my stack by 50% without much risk and even if i get called I have 9 clean outs plus the A and Q may be good.I just had to make sure I didn't forget how to handle that situation.
  3. I played this last night at a local tournament. The starting stack is 2500 and the blinds move every 15 minutes, so its a bit of a crap shoot after about an hour or so. I'd like some feedback on a couple of things.Blinds are 100/200UTG all in for 5252 foldsHero (~5500) with AhQh calls1 foldMP (~4000) calls1 foldLP (~4000) calls1 foldSB (~1700) callsBB (~1800) callsPot = 3350Flop is 5h 7c 9hHero (~5000)?Should I have just called preflop or is raising better? What is the right thing to do on the flop? I don't like a check because its important to accumulate chips when you get a chance in this t
  4. Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison...provided I'm just visiting.
  5. I think everyone knows that his user name is entire too clever to just abandon the account.Let's be serious here.
  6. I think this hand is much funnier if villain has A5o.
  7. nopunk

    I Need A Favor

    Is that twice an hour or once every two hours?
  8. I'll be damned if I'm gonna pay taxes on 10 million in cash that I just earned with my life.
  9. nopunk

    Daniel's Travels

    He saw that the business was going to fail before it actually failed.How am I the first one to make this joke?
  10. I'm not taking it personally, but these things are money pits.What will happen is, if they find what they want, they will need a bigger one (and another $20 billion) to find the next new thing.If they don't find what they want, they will need a bigger one (and another $20 billion) to find the thing they couldn't find before.Science magazine: "Many particle physicists say their greatest fear is that this grand new machine, the Large Hadron Collider, will spot the Higgs boson and nothing else. If so, particle physics could grind to a halt."Billions spent and the people running it are hoping for
  11. I think at this point they are basically becoming dick measuring contests between countries (among other things).I'm too lazy to look it up, but I know I've read about several more particle accelerators in planning/under construction.I don't know why I chose particle accelerators to be at the crux of my anger over ridiculous government spending, but they are. Have been for several years now, although I agree they are interesting.
  12. Instead of building a particle accelerator that might turn up something, maybe they should have fed all the world's hungry.Ten times over.
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