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  1. I would follwo the 300BB rule. If you have 245, you can play comfortably at 0.25/0.50. If you wanted a little more risk, and felt you were a really solid player I can say you could handle 0.50/1.00. HOWEVER, the 0.25/0.50 game might be a little more troublesome then the 0.02/0.04. Maybe dabble at 0.05/0.10 or 0.10/0.25 before giving a much higher level a solid shot.
  2. This exact question was brought up about 2 weeks ago, on the forum for my former local game in Philly. I have since moved to Florida and can no longer play .Anyways, my thoughts were the Tournament Director or the Dealer should have rules Gold's hand dead. It should never have been left up to Wasicka to even think about calling jamie Gold out. The TD and dealer should have done their jobs and mucked his hand, and not ever put Wasicka in that position.However, failing the TD and the dealer to do their jobs, Wasicka should have called it out. I dont care if its the WSOP, there are just some
  3. I got the urge again to deposit online after I had to take all my money off for moving expenses. I had used Neteller, but as we all know, they bailed.So, I created an account on EPassporte. My money will finally clear tomorrow at 8:30 EST where it will go onto Full Tilt.If you go with EPassporte, expect at least a 10-day period of getting bank accounts validated and waiting for everything to clear.Best of luck.
  4. This has me concerned since I am trying to redeposit onto Full Tilt as well.The issue that I ran into is after I verified my bank account, I put in a transaction for $200, but they said it wouldnt be available until 4/23. I said thats way to long so I verified my debit card. I put in a tranaction over my debit card but it failed saying my zip codes didnt match. However, the money came out of checking account and is sitting in a pending status in this virtual bank limbo. Apparently, the debit card money will revert in a couple days and I'll be fine, but keep your fingers crossed.Also, It tur
  5. To the OP, Get rid of using the Blues as having a value of 50. The next jump in any casino in chip value is from 25 -> 100. 50's just dont make sense. Bump the blues to 100, and then the blacks to 500, and you will dynamically increase the final value of your chips:150 * 10 (white) = 1500150 * 5 (red) = 750100 * 25 (Green) = 250050 * 100 (Blue) = 500050 * 500 (Black) = 25000Total: 345002 sets: 69000 in chips.This should really help with your chip troubles, as you only really neex the most chips at the lower levels anyways.My recommendation, if you dont want to go with the chip values abo
  6. While donuts are an awesome breakfast treat, I have to say that McDonald's McGriddles are far superior. Eat one of those and you can feel your heart racing and screaming in pain. .
  7. Damn.. That does sound awesome. I want one of those. I had to settle for a Mountain Dew, some almonds, chips, a couple cookies and an apple. Lazy me didnt get to to grocery store and I ran out of bread.
  8. Depends which Tropicana. If you are referring ot the Tropicana in Atlantic City, then yes. Overall, I really like the Tropicana. There poker room is nice, but try to get into the quieter glassed in area separate from the Horse Racing booths, and tournament area. They play mostly 1/2 -> 5/10 NL in that section so if that is your game you are all set. Definitely check out the Italian restaurant in the new French Quarter area. Get the lobster. Claws the size of your head.Best of luck on your trip.
  9. Ive recently become totally addicted to Omaho HiLo. Ive started going to my local cardroom on Saturday instead of Sunday just so I have the chance at getting into an Omaha game. Its absolutely disturbing to see some of the crap that people play, and wonder why the hell they can never make a winning hand.Something Ive also noticed is that EVERYONE seems to want to make a low. I dont know what it is, but they will always draw to the low no matter what.Best of luck.
  10. Im sorry TheCorporation, but Im not a gymnast.
  11. If I remember correctly, fast_freddy lost a $400K+ pot with presumably a weaker ace on a A high non-paired, no striaght or flush possibility board.
  12. Best of luck man...Nothing wrong with taking a risk.
  13. Huh? Never heard that one before. Im still in shock from college when all the west coast students prefaced everything with "Hella"
  14. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Creepy Sunglasses!Hooray Beer!!!P.S. I just love those commercials. To bad I dont like the beer.
  15. It'll definitely be tape delayed. Also, Patty and DN have mentioned that DN cant use a cell phone in the tourney area while he was at the featured TV table yesterday in the Main event.
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