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  1. And its very interesting that after you claimed you were waiting on the check from stars you were still playing on there...very interesting, no money on stars, but still playing? From 1/10 to 2/9. Which is the time I was on hold, b/c your check was taking too long.
  2. So were clear... the 560 transfer was our money. from the original 500 stake. Also I left you with 200 of our money so you could still play cash games. Also as far as the tournaments go we had no idea you were playing, not like we were waiting for a big cash. In fact if I knew you were playing tournaments I would of told you to stop. The issue with the tournament is that you said you got in on FPPS. Which as you know we split FPPS and rakeback. So don't make a thread with so feel good story saying you got in on FPPS. Then all of the sudden say that we don't get half b/c you were playi
  3. Nice, yea the 2nd/3rd address is where I sent my moneygram too. Funny thing is I used to live like 25 min from there. I've since moved tho, now I'm like 4.5 hours away.
  4. tyty. yea I have most of his contact info/full name. If I can get moneygram to give me a copy of the moneygram reciept then I can do some better research.
  5. Yea, i obv thought he was a decent guy too, otherwise I would have never lent him the money. But the greed is just too much, they just see the money and know that they'll never have to face the person in real life.Unfortunate, but overall, the staking/coaching has been a big success and I've met a lot of really cool great people.
  6. THEINVESTOR... or as a lot of people know him Chuck...is a huge scammer. Don't trust him.Here is the jist of the story. Chuck was chosen to be part of Rdog, Pocktdeuces and I's staking/coaching group. Chuck was one of my students and we worked together starting in October. We gave him a 500 BR to start and he was eager to learn and a good student. We did the for a month and a half. then in early Dec. Chuck tells me he can't pay his rent, he lost his job and he needs 600 to pay rent. So I moneygram him 636 w/fees and he is able to pay his rent. I told him he could pay me back over time as
  7. at the FT. 100k 8 handed. doubled someone, then lost AQ to A8 for 150k
  8. Jesse @ 200k... 11 left. 1 more for the second jacket.
  9. Update: Still alive @75k. got back to 130k then losing all flips/small pots. 17 left.
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