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  1. Can i get a summary of how the Dreamclown scenario ended up?I watched alot of the head up matches and it was exciting. Just wondering if Dream decided to pack it in after a whooping or he broke even and jetted or what?
  2. Does anyone feel is greatly improved their game?Im thinking it has to cause its easy for your own mind to Trick u into thinking ur playing a certain hand correctly when the #s wont lie and will show u how badly u play it.
  3. I occasionally play some PLO on FCP and find i win for a bit then the wild reraises start and the suckouts soon follow. Does this game actually have enough stability to be profitable? Ex. The redraws in this game are always a big part of the game and quite often get there for someone so this game seems to be very volatile at almost any low to medium limits. I dont think id have the balls to play this at a high level. i have been known to play 10/10 NL Hold em but am rather cautious about playign .25/.25 PLO.Thoughts?
  4. Definitly the most exciting thing i've seen in awhile. I really do hope this Charter membership works out for us long time believers :)I am also SOOOOOO happy you chose Pokerroom.com to affiliate with. They are by far the best website around. And this new team/private tourny things there are amazing.Also i LOVE the software. Its the nicest looking and easiest to navigate.Great work FCP Crew.I can't wait to become Daniels Protege. Its basically a l0ck for me. hahaUs Canadian Boyz need to stick together hah.p.s. Can you believe the leafs lost DAMN IT!!!G/L at the tables ya'llDMoney
  5. Late in a Pokerroom.com 10$ buy in tourny.255 entrants.5 people remaining.I have 8,10 suited.Blinds are high in relation to stack. I dont remember exacts.im 2nd place in chips, but the person that im in the pot with is 1st. So its just heads up.Flop comes 8,9,J.This type of hand always gives me problems late in tournys.pair with OESD.So i have bottom pair Big stack checks,. I bet out, the guy check raises me for about 25% of my stack, My thinking is this.Ok. i go broke with this same situation alot of the time cause some guy has top pair and i dont make my straight. if this was anyone else
  6. 1 good thing on this hand is ur palying in position. So when he bets out after the flop you can raise him maybe the size of the pot you do have the 2nd nut flush draw. He will only call this im sure.When you jack hits ur in a little bit better situation with more outs if he does have an ace. Id bet out again on the turn in hopes that hes done chasing. or if he has a weak Ace he may fold here as well figure u for a better ace. If he still calls the turn ur beat so if a Q, or J or diamdon doesnt come on the river check fold it unless ur getting pot odds to call with ur jacks
  7. We grew up on teh same street together and we used to play hockey in my basement together :)when we were liluns Ya i know his sisters but mostly i know kate. the older of the 2 girls.
  8. Whoops my bad Im still a rookie around here.Never saw the hockey pool forum.P.s. ur right i have NO idea how ur pool runs.Sorry.
  9. Daniel. 1 Defenseman u can pick up is Mike VanRyn. Hes a good ol Canadian boy 2. From London Ont(we grew up together)Was the captain of the 99 national junior team.2nd in points for defensemen last season. (13 goals, 27 assists i think) :shock: Plays for Florida.Pick him up. Im sure he'll help ya out.
  10. called a huge pot with queen 7, vs something like a k,9.i think thats what happend. lost alot of chips there.
  11. I go all in. 4 ppl call me which was good cause i wanted to leave. had about 6k chips. i went all in with king 6 offsuit. (6 of spades)everyone flips over cards only 1 other spade in all of them a 4 of spade, and i hit a 4 spade flush and my 6 of spade wins it haha lmao.Now that is tough to swallow for the pocket kings and jacks
  12. Out of the 15 tables or so they have their. only 2 were going for cash games the rest were empty. their was time for full friggin tournys. or NORMAL sit n go sats. its ridiculous.
  13. Im from London ontario, right in between Toronto and Detroit.Anyways, a casicno in sarnia (canadian side of the port huron michigan border) are running 100$ satelites into the 1000$ NL HE event they are hosting.anyways, i drive an hour to get there and after 3 hours of waiting get to start our satelite. anyways, Is this possibly the worst format for a satelite ive ever seen? Answer is YES.starting chips 200$. - 6 - 25$ chips and 10 - 5$ chips.blinds go up every 15 minutes. they start at 5/10, then 15/30, then 25/50 then 50/100 then 100/200.Absolutely horrible. its basically a crap shoot
  14. Last checked. i was at 54% after 74 SnGs although they are only 5$ ones. All NLHE, im at 58% SnGs for my 46 5$ sngs Limit holdem.i understand that the 5$s are easy to beat. but ive only been playin for about 7 months now so i figure thats a pretty good stat. after playing NLHE sngs and going back to Limit, its almost like limit plays itself. its very easy. (either that or) the competition is alot weaker there. I play at pokerroom. i RARELY find anyone that palys there posting on any sites.i started out at pokernow (part of party poker) but the rakes were higher and also they didnt offer a
  15. 1) yes im new here, im apparently wrong about 10,7 as his fav hand. I didnt hear him say that before, adn then the annoucer proceeded to say 10-15 times how thast his favourite hand, i was just assuming the annoucer was a moron due to the fact that one of them said...and i quote " im suprised hes not raising it with an ace (when Ted held Ace, 2 Offsuit) haha. 2) yes, i personally agree with one of the posts taht said, if he read her strong, just shoulda folded. I personally feel that to many people get to antsy to get all their chips in when they are down to small stacks.i came back in a
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