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  1. I would leave a lot of it on the site , I usually just cash out profit every night and leave a set amount on there. Sometimes it might take awhile to get back to neteller, and your money will be in "The Dead Zone", where its not on the site and its not on neteller. Some sites aren't instant cashouts to neteller so make sure you have enough to play with.
  2. 7-8 hours. I took screenshots every few hundred, I like watching the slideshow.
  3. Lol the picture is hilarious, and some people live and die by that quote. Cough Cough. Yeah losing when your a dominating favorite is pretty frustrating, but what can you do? As long as you got your money in with the best hand you did all that you could.
  4. Ok 90 people left in 12K R&A, guy one overs I reraised him to like 8-9x with AK. He cold calls. Flop A J 9 , he goes all in I call immediately. He has AQ. Turn 6, river Q. So annoyed right now, 2 lousy knockouts.....joke.
  5. NYNellie only thing I can warn you about neteller is if you use instacash you have to wait till the transaction clears till you can withdrawl.For example if you bought in for 1000, won like 1500 , and cashed it back to neteller, you could only cash out 500. You have to wait till the 1000 dollars clears till you can withdrawl that amount. Instacashs take like 4-5 business days to clear so make sure you are careful if you really need money off the site quick.Other than that, Neteller is great. 1-2 days from neteller to bank account. Prima sites are my favorite by far because hand speed and stuff
  6. Wow .... Flop 8 3 10, I trap with JJ on flop and get 10 K all in and he spikes K on the turn.. Annoying. Like 5th hand I played entire time ,really annoying.Maybe my luck will bode better in the R&A.
  7. Actually I just played my game as usual and pushed REALLY REALLY hard against people that are stupid, which is my normal strategy anyway. I still didn't complete the blind with like 4 9 off and 3 10 suited and stuff, so I guess i didn't really use my stack at all lol, unless I had a hand. I just waited till heros got top pair and bet my hands ridiculously, no one believed me.
  8. I'm playing the 35 freezeout in 6 mins and the 20 R&A in 36 minutes if anyone wants to rail, got 5th in 20R&A last night. Hopefully I can go deep in one of them, been having a tournament fix lately.Anyone else playing? On Prima.
  9. Had 3189 at a 1/2 table once, won a 2000 dollar pot at 1/2 once, and 2,000 stack at 2/4. Here is the picture of me with 3000 at 1/2. Even when I had 1.5K to 2K people didn't believe me at all. It was incredible. I mean I can see thinking someone might have illegitamely accumulated like 600-800 at a 1/2 but 3K..come on.
  10. 5th place 733$. I'm kinda bummed, made a move it didn't work, oh well what are u going to do? Maybe next time.
  11. 6th left I'm in 6th, looking at 549$. Damn this is stressful.
  12. 8 Left, I'm in 6th, looking at $305 currently, i need to keep stealing blinds.
  13. Guy flew all in EP with AJ and I called with AK, it really really crippled me.Flopped a jack thats all she wrote.Final table now, hope I can get some chips and beat these clowns.
  14. I'm in 2nd place still have 103K chips, first has 109K. 17 are left. First is $3,360.Quality of play has been good so far. Almost end of third break.
  15. I wanted to know if anyone else played the 12K on prima. Probably not but just checking. Anyway if any of you want to watch, there are 23 people left and I'm in second place. Hopefully I can pull off a tourney win, it's been awhile.
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