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  1. Hey guys (and gals)...I posted last week needing someone to play a couple tourneys that I was entered into on Sunday but couldn't make because I was out of town. Thanks to all those who offered to play for me. I finally wound up choosing Copernicus. He certainly didn't disappoint. He finished 36th in the 30K guaranteed out of (I think) around 370 players and then he finished 11th in the 7K guaranteed out of around 650 players. Cashed in both to the tune of around $240. Not bad considering that I freerolled into them. I highly doubt that of all the people I could have chosen a better player to
  2. Already chose someone. But thanks to everyone that responded. Wish I could have taken you all.
  3. Yeah, I'll cash it out before the tourney. I don't have bank account info listed on the site. Just deposit with credit cards that aren't kept on file. I'll only use someone that come recommended by several or more people on this forum as well. Actually, I trust poker players more than I would bible thumpers any day.
  4. Hi,I posted this in General and didn't get much of a response other than bashing and debate whether it's fair or not so I'll try here.I won a satellite into a $109/$30K tourney Sunday at 3PM on SportsBook.com/Cake Network. I didn't realize when I played the satellite that I'm going to be at Disney this weekend (forgot about it). So I can't play the tourney and would like someone to sub for me. The compeition on that network is VERY soft. I also have just received an invitation only invite to a PokerListings.com $2K tourney on the same site at 7PM on Sunday that obviously I can't play either. I
  5. Okay, I just read their Terms of Service/Rules and nowhere at all does it say that the person playing must be the account holder only that the person must be 18 years old. Now, who's the best to play this tourney? I want to back a winner. The tourney should last about 4 hours. Not a lot of players on that site.
  6. No tourney dollars. What difference does it make who plays it? They could easily just buy in and play it. I'm just fronting their buy in. Not like it's invitation only.
  7. I won a seat for a tournament on Sunday (Sportsbook.com). It's a $109 35K guaranteed tourney. I'll be out of town at Disney and forgot until I won the satelite. Any recommendations on who would be best to play for me and split the winnings if there are any? Who's best at tourney play that is free on Sunday at 3PM?Daniel, you available? LOL
  8. I agree that this guy isn't an idiot. He did it with the help and support of his parents. Sure, he took some money out of his college fund, but do you really think that his parents wouldn't have helped him replace that money if he lost in the WSOP later on when the money was needed? I mean, c'mon! You think that they are going to help him out with the WSOP, but not college??? This isn't an "idiot gets lucky" story. This is a talented kid, who with the help and support of his family financed his trip to the WSOP and was very successful. I highly doubt that his college education would have been
  9. You are absolutely right. I was just being a smart ***. I was trying to make a point about why anyone on earth would buy a poker game when you can play real poker online anytime day or night? I just don't get it. If you want a realistic poker game, go to: fullcontactpoker.com, pokerstars.com, fulltiltpoker.com, ultimatebet.com, partypoker.com, etc. These are all free downloads and you can play for free as well if you desire.
  10. I wonder what site and screen name he is??? That would be valuable information.
  11. Aaron Kantor turning "pro poker player" after the 2005 WSOP is like someone winning the powerball and announcing that they're turning "pro lottery player". Just comical.
  12. I attended the Howard Lederer Fantasy Camp in December and about a month ago, I was playing in a card club here in NYC and a guy at my table said that he saw me in a poker magazine playing with Howard Lederer. He couldn't remember if it was Card Player or Bluff. I never went and checked it out to see for myself, but if its true then I actually won that SNG I was playing that I got head's up against him, so I hope they put that in the magazine as well.
  13. I watch Jon Stewart every day. I Tivo it so that I make sure that I don't miss a single day EVER. This one was awesome, but I think that he could have covered the Washington law as well. He could really have done a number on that state if he put his mind to it.
  14. I'm very disappointed in Grand Theft Auto. I bought it expecting it to be very realistic. However, it was nothing like the time I stole a car and ran from the cops. Not even close. That game is not realistic at all. Oh, wait... its just a video game! Its not real, nor can it ever be.
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